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January 21, 2003


Not too sure how libertarians get talking about abortion but they
did today over at Samizdata.net.

I'd need some evidence that fetuses experience pain during the first trimester when the vast majority of abortions take place. The cost to society of thousands of unwanted and unaffordable children is high and in my mind best to be avoided.

I posted this in the comments there, meaning in part to wake people up to reality. It's amazing how many people like to look past that in their discussions:
Who says a fetus is innocent? It's a parasite.
OK It's not. But I personally am glad there have been thousands of abortions. Not glad for any pain it has caused in making the decision. Not glad that the choice had to be made. But glad that there was a choice that someone could make about their own lives.

How more libertarian could you be? Being libertarian it seems to me has never been about protecting human life. It has been about saving money and making life easier for those already alive.

You cannot logically be an anti-choice or ant-abortion libertarian. The one says every child should be born, the latter belief says there should be limited or zero government help for those families and single mothers who now have an extra child to support but did not want one.

Abortion is a reality. No one is pro-abortion. Even those who advocate a woman's choice, do not like that it happens. But it does for the overall good of society.

Abortion is a reality. And it will be even if Roe v Wade is overturned. Except then you'll have many women, but not men, (curious eh?) in already overcrowded jails.

You want that reality?