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January 20, 2003


I have spent a good deal of time bouncing around the internet today, enjoying the varied voices of the Intrnet. From getting involved in the drama between
Jim Treacher" and ""Red Sugar." Get background here

From naked bush protests (double entendre intended) to Salon.

From Media Yenta, who seems more entertaining than most TV critics - but that aint' hard is it? - to the NY Times telling us the sales of top-selling authors are tanking.

There's also this site where I gleaned the fact that sometime today or tomorrow will be the exact halfway point of the Rove administration.

It seems so much longer. I was not a particularly partisan person (say that eight times fast) before we entered The Bush League. I wasn't on board with everything Clinton did. The elder Bush was harmless and actually, strangely, seemed to be trying to be a stable influence on the country.
All, that changed when I realized what a buffoon (insert your choice phrase or word here) we had running for the President of the United States of America. In fact, I wasn't much excited aobout either choice, though I have come to view Al Gore in higher regard since then. But, ever since Bush' first fuzzy math tax cut proposal to his garblespeak and doublespeak all the way to his complete lack of character, the numbers haven't added up for me and the majority of Americans.

That his defenders are equally duplicitous speaks volumes. My 2004 vote will be in part an Anti-Bush vote just liek the last time. Except this time, he's earned it hundredfold. Correct me if i'm misunderestimating the man.

I don't know how any right-thinking American can fail to be upset (insert your harsher word or phrase here) at the travesty of justice that was the resolvement of the 2000 presidential election. I don't know how I'd feel if I was on the "winning" side, excpet I know of plenty who wish they had voted for "the loser." ie Gore. That includes the old couple who appeared on Jay Leno right before Al Gore came on [I'm a Letterman man, only watched Leno cause Gore was on). The old guy said. "I didn't vote for you. [pause] ... but I would now."

Honestly, and I'm sure this won't adhere me any admirers, but I felt as violated through that election error as I did when the twin towers fell. Perhaps it's because the distruction of the twin towers is on a scale my brain still hasn't gotten around. I know it's at least in part because I knew nobody involved but I was involved in the election as were millions of Americans.

I do still get sick to my stomach when I think of Osama and the hijackers getting away with KNOCKING DOWN THE TOWERS. Luckily most of them did not live. Osama has and we've forgotten aobut him as we go after Hussein. Like we couldn't wait him out another 12 months ro so. Instead we did a credible job of scaring the hell out of Afghanistan and restoring a temporary stability.

We should be going after Osama with all our might but we do not. Those who ask questions start to wonder why? They bring up the fact that he was CIA trained, that he is a multi-billionaire and that his family was and we bet is still friends with the Bush family.

My respect for the American people when it comes to politics will go up markedly if we elect Bush out of office. Not because of my dislike for him, but because the American people make a point of saying "you can't play us for suckers. Our rights mena something. If we lose those rights than really what's left for our American forces to defend.

Of course, this pic, of "geniuses" also made me laugh.