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January 29, 2003


on the words, I'd say Gov. Locke did extremely well. All reports are, however, is that words don't count. It's how he looked, and he looked and sounded weak? Oh well, there's some thinking for you.

UPDATE 11:35. An excerpt from Gov. Locke. Most people simply WILL NOT believe the truth:
We have another urgent priority: homeland security. In this unprecedented fight against terror, the front lines are in our own neighborhoods and communities. This one hits home. In 1999, an al-Qaida operative tried to enter my state with a trunk full of explosives. Thankfully, he was caught just in time. Now, a year and a half after Sept. 11, America is still far too vulnerable. Last year Congress authorized $2.5 billion in vital new resources to protect our citizens - for equipment for firefighters and police, to protect ports, to guard against bioterrorism, to secure nuclear power plants and more. It's hard to believe, but President Bush actually refused to release the money. Republicans now say we can't afford it. The Democrats say: If we're serious about protecting our homeland, we can and we must.

UPDATE 11:36. It's sad that so many [online bloggers] will take their que from Instapundit, even though he offered no serious analysis or actually made sense.
Just what does this mean
From what I've seen, Bush did pretty well on Iraq, and got a passing grade (with perhaps an extra point or two for audacity) on the domestic side. However, if you grade on the curve with Gary Locke plugged in, he gets an A[?????????]. (Andrew Sullivan would give Bush an A outright.) What I saw of Locke in the playback looked weak, and others seem to agree. He came across like a city councilman. Not a bad city councilman, but not somebody ready for primetime at the national level, at least not yet.

Not read for primetime? Was there anything about what he said? Scratch below the surface, dude. Everyone. Keep the inspectors there. If they are doing what they are doing now there will be no progress on any weapons program in Iraq.