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January 20, 2003

Modern Politics
"If you want someone to take care of your money, you better vote for a Democrat because a Republican can't manage money," Howard Dean.

Anyone else see anything backward aobut this in the history of American politics. It wasn't always true. Conservatives or more correctly, Republicans, used to be the party people trusted to handle the economy - on little evidence, which people are finally realizing. Deficits, aka negative funding weigh the economy down. Now and in the future.

I decry the need to tear a man down to get to the White House. But it's what gets the candidates noticed - say something shocking not substantial. That's a general statement about the general audience these candidates are trying to reach. It's not that they never say anything substantial, but at this stage, few newspapers or news programs are going to want to sit down with the candidate to eke out all the nuances of their positions.

That is considered a waste of resources, and I would somewhat agree. You've gotta gain confidence in ideas and in who you are as a person. We're in the personality stage of the election...... I say this somewhat sardonically, realizing that the personality stage never ends and only goobers like me pay attention to politics at this stage.

But today's American voter is not typical of the typical American. i think the typical voter tends to be a little more informed, but only in the last few months of the election. Instead they let the ebb and flow of scandal and slander wash over them without diving deep into the surf.