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January 30, 2003


To all those who say, the Republican economic plan isn't so hot, but the "alternative sucks" or "there is no alternative"; please be more specific.

There has, already, been much written about the inadequacies of the Bush plan for America. But there has been little, I've seen, about the Democrat plan.

Last time around, in 2001, it was a Democrat idea that put $300 in most people's hands quickly. This time around, a similar amount is proposed, plus big chunks of money directed at the states. It is the states that are mostly hurting, granted for a variety of reasons. Most of those reasons do not, however, have to do with mismanagement. They have to do with federal cutbacks and keeping people employed to do jobs. It has to do with stability.

And by the way federal cutbacks are meant to, you know, reduce the deficit. How then did it get so damn high after a surplus? It's alright to say the states are overspending, but when the Rove administration does it, it's "sound economic planning?" Bullshit [yes that is an oversimplification, but the basic premise stands].

Back to the states. To cite two examples, governors of Florida and Washington are proposing similar govt. job cuts - about 2,800 each. And both states are strongly looking at closing the library systems. These are just two small steps and cuittign back on state Medicare support.

I like the Democrat plan because it is restrained. It is not trying to give away the treasure box. It is a true stimulus shot in the arm for the "vast unwashed masses" of which I include myself heartily.

Tell me if you've heard more about the Democrat plan - and heard more that upsets you. Because all I've heard from "those with their fingers stuck on the ditto button" is an instant reaction that it won't do the job or there is no alternative plan.

That reaction is not good enough in an informed debate.