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January 24, 2003


Not 100 percent sure how to feel about this, yet. Geoff Simpson and 17 other state Representatives in Olympia, have put together a Joint Memorial Resolution against the war in Iraq.

First question to ask is, Does the state Legislature have any right to pass such a resolution? Clearly and legally, yes.

Should it? That one is more difficult to answer. And as you consider it with me, keep in mind how you might feel if it was a resolution in support of the war in Iraq.

OK. First. Another Rep., Jim Buck, in favor of the war, said that drafting sucjh a resoltion cost about $3,000 to $4,000 in staff time to draft it and put it through the code reviser.

OK, a small waste. I can agree it might be waste.

A strong point against the effort - states elect members ot the US Congress to deal with federal issues and elect members to the state Legislature to deal with state issues.
I can agree with that. So, big picture, it's a stupid effort.

But some of the arguments against, instad, are, what difference does it make, who's gonna listen. Well, here's the answer. I, a voter in Washington State, am listening. And it makes me feel good that this state has a concience. There is power in numbers. Combine this with the protests and other elected representatives speaking out, it becomes a cummulative effect that may slow down the process. And it may reverse tactics.

It tells people who are against the war that they are not alone. Sure, it does not speak for everyone in the state or even the Legislature. But that's where we come back to the question, if it was a resolution FOr the war, how would you feel?

Me I would dearly not want it to pass, and might let my Representatives know that fact. But I would attack such a resolution on its merits, not act suprised like it never happens.

Another way to look at it is, if one or 10 Washington residents die because of this war, then the state has said - we tried to save their lives. Each Representative who feels this way should also send letters to their US Representatives and George Bush Junior.

Thoughts? I want to hear from you. I'll publish them right here.
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