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January 24, 2003


!2 pages of profile on George Bush Junior - who
this NY TImes magazine article bestows the title "Reagan's Son."

I read the first (online) page. I may go back to it. But so far the author has given us nothing new on Junior. This reporter appears to be only as good as his sources. And if he wasn't at the Times, he would have far fewer.

I once thought I decried the passing of in-depth quality long form investigative journalism. I still do to a certain extent, except for the long form part. It's valuable but choose your subjects well, otherwise you will get very few readers to finish your work.

Still there's the argument that you have to catch them early while its on page 1 otherwise it's relegated or dropped off the paper.

UPDATE: I did go back to it. The article should have started with the paragraph below and bypassed 500 words and the quotage from Peggy Noonan:
[M]idway into Bush's first term, measuring the emerging president against Reagan is an instructive way of looking at Bush's qualities and of explaining his popularity. It is even, with a larger margin of error, a basis for hazarding some guesses about the course he will follow, particularly now that his hand is strengthened by a Congress of his own party, by the unlikelihood of internal opposition in 2004 and for that matter by the lack of coherent opposition from the Democrats.

UPDATE II: On reflection, i guess I'm sick of theis writer injecting his own opinions inot the article primarily because I disagree with the, yet again, kiss ass job - "We seem not only to be witnessing the third term of the Reagan presidency; at this rate we may well see the fourth."
Oh, and the fact that this adds ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to anyone's understanding of the world nor the entertainment of it. It ius written for Bush supporters, as if to say, "Don't lose hope. You're not, I know, but just in case

PS The next line: I began this exercise inclined to think of Bush as Reagan Lite -- that is, a president with shallower, unschooled instincts ..." gets under my skin. I don't give a flying fuck what the writer here thinks. Bill Keller? Is he otherwise gifted in another arena of talent. Is he but a reporter? The answer is the latter and he appears to be doing a poor job

So many articles could be written as well or better without putting in the dreaded "I". Maybe my studying Japanese is coing through. Or, more likely, I've just never liked people stuck on themselves. I haven't got time for that. You prove to me your worthy enough to be "stuck on" and I'm there. I don't need you telling me that.

Readers come here and to other blogs to get that person's opinions - but not their opinions about themselves. Please. Don't. The second link is not entirely appropriate because he offers a lot of angry opinions and the occasionally well-thought out one. Neither offer reporting or much research on their sites.