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January 28, 2003


UPDATE 17:38 dumb people for the war
This was a comment left at Atrios from "a libertarian.". He's responding to a posting by KOMO news here in Seattle, which already seeks to guess the SotU.
OMFG. Gary Locke? That guy couldn't make a decision on how to find his way out of a wet paper vomit bag. And of course we need to give states and cities money, because state governments run by lameasses like Locke refuse to take responsibility for poor planning and overspending. Washington State is a poster child for overspent state governments and Locke runs the asylum. That will have some credibility. Hahaha.

Since you didn't really post anything about Bush's speach I don't need to comment. A lack of information on a subject wont hold you guys back though.

Let's talk about everyday people. You are one more than likely.. Does Bush speak for you?
How about these people? They have brains. They are - dut da da dut daaaaaa the
Nobel Laureates Against Iraq

Smart? Well, the right will try and ignore them as they've tried to minimalize and dismiss antiwar demonstrators.

FYI: Laura Bush's guest list 2002 (As if she had any say on who's sitting there).
Kristen Pappano
Joseph Pappano
Doro Koch
Seat left open
Richard Phillip Beck
Georgia Louise Beck
Marine Corps Corporal Michael Vera
Greg Hantak
Margaret Bush
Dr. Kurt Kooyer
Army Master Sergeant Juan Carlos Morales
Mildred Beemer
James Beemer
Henry Lozano
Dr. Denise Baker
Mayor Anthony Williams
Karen Hughes
David McCullough
Mrs. Cheney
Sister Maria Fest
Mrs. Bush
Air Force Reservist Maureen Allen
Tonja Myles
Lenny Compton
John Cochran
David Hobbs

And the ubiqutious Guest to be named later

I don't have time to look up these people - wish I'd found it earlier. The seat left open is for the victims of Sept. 11. Pleeeeeeeeeease. THEY DID NOT DO THIS IN THE 2002 ADDRESS. See people didn't need to be reminded of his "greatest moment" then. Now? Well, there haven't been any great moments since then.

It's make or break time. I think it'll be "break" to Hawks and to anyone who is truly honest with themselves. The Rove administration has already started the cult of low expectations. That's because George Bush Junior can't step up to the plate and deliver.

PS Just try and find last year's State of the Union at WhiteHouse.gov. It's on the site but I had to Google "text 2002 state union" instead. But there are a lot of bells and whistles but not much of substance. Yes, the correlation to "Reagan's Son" is obvious.


I will revise this if necessary. But I'm going to be out tonight.