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January 27, 2003

The UN weapons inspection report? Nothing surprising. They came out against Saddam with about the same level of veracity as I thought they would.
The response from Republicans has also been somewhat of a yawn. They knew they were going to ignore it anyway.

My take. Inspectors, in the business of Iraq day in and day out, will be enough to limit any effort for nuclear weapons.

I have honestly tried to come up with the reasons to go to war against Iraq, ignoring the timing and the current president.

Let's tackle the Hitler comparison and dispense with it quickly. Europe ignored Hitler to their great pain. He invaded their countries and many were killed. Iraq can never do that. They already knew they would receive a great beating. They still know that.

If they develop a suitcase nuke - is there any question they will use it? This question has me most worried the most. If they did, I would support massive troop deployment and regime change. I would march with flags and be in complete support.
So why wait for that to happen, you ask?
Well, I still believe Hussein will die. I think that's a given. It;'s called old age. I'd say in about three years, he loses the power to think clearly - something he is leaning toward already. In the meantime, a vast inspections program. A heavy inspections presence day in and day out for the next 10 years. Like random drug-testing.

Would regime change go a long way to making this a safer and better world? On the surface it appears so. But there's a delicate balance of relations in the Middle East.

Lastly, but of course it should be uppermost, is the American public. A public which is not in support of unilateral action. A public which isn't convinced Iraq is the greatest threat. A public which is remembering the pledge to get Osama bin Laden, dead or alive.

Polls show this. Research also shows that a significant number of people think many of the people who hijacked the 9-11 planes were Iraqi. Pols get different, more precise results, because they often ask questions, that people have forgotten to ask themselves.

The Iraqi people hate America. Face it, so do many other countries. Some are on the UN Security Council. It's called getting along in the world.