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February 03, 2003

UPDATE 2.4-20:53 Mrs. Esmay has rightly asked me to correct here who was replying to my posts, though it is clearer in subsequent posts. That's where the strikethroughs and bold come in, in the paragraph below. Thanks. Hope that's clear.

Deep breath. Smells good.
(see post below for context)
Dean Esmay Gary Utter at DeanEsmay.com took the time to reply to my comment on his the blog. While he went quickly into name-calling, he was otherwise well-reasoned in the remaining 14 words - and he did start off "Dear Dimn, so the props are deserved. He The site remains the one and only blog link here as a representative of the "reasonable right." Not that he's it's the only one, I just haven't linked to any others.

His reply to my post below was this:
Dear Dimn,

Why does the Left feel the need to demonize the right with outright lies?

First of all InstaPundit doesn't have much to say about illegal immigrants. For real rage against them, you have to consult Michelle Malkin.

By telling this lie about InstaPundit, you expose yourself immediately as someone who has no concern with the truth.

And your suggestion that a peice of paper makes no difference in morals and work ethic is as bogus as your honor, or lack thereof.

A person who is not willing to do the work needed to get that peice of paper does NOT have a good work ethic. A person who does not respect our laws enough to get that peice of paper does not have high enough moral standards to deserve my respect (nor, for that matter, do you).

AND, if we do not require a peice of paper to come to this country to live, then anyone who can find a way to get here will come. In 5 years, half the world will be in the United States, and we will be a Third World country (hell, we will BE the Third World).

If you are not willing to follow the rules and do the work, you should stay home. If YOU PERSONALLY don't hink that following the rules and doing the work are worthwhile, I suggest you leave this country and go somewhere that is more in line with your standards. Zimbabwe comes to mind at once, or, better yet, Palestine.

And I replied:
Gary is alive.

OK, not wanting to do the research I'll accept your point on Instapundit, though other posts I've read of his are not entirely, shall we say, always sympathetic.

But don't go overboard. Now I haveam someone who "has no concern for the truth." That is outright reactionism.

There are thousands of illegal immigrants who are in that state only as a result of a technicality. And they - not all - are being harassed and even sent home.

I agree that immigration papers are required. I did not say there was no difference between someone who takes the effort and time to get papers and one who does not. You are widening the scope of the argument here WAAAAy behind the original point you made.

But consider this. Maybe some of those people in the Sam's were illegal. They may have nodded at you. You were friendly to them. If you found out they were here illegally, then you would suddenly turn on them? You would base your entire opinion of them as people on whether they were illegal immigrants.That does not make sense. Clearly.

Also, just like the death penalty, the selectivity of making it much harder for some immigrants to get through is not fair. Often that is because the person comes from a poor country, which often coincides with skin color.

Hang on, I'm not saying ALL and EVERYTIME. But haven't you heard the stories of Canadians of Pakistani ancestry having great trouble getting into America. and of others who vow not to enter the country.

And that's just to visit.

On the basis of one post, you also go to the "If you don't like, go live somewhere else argument? Wow.

You may respect me in the morning - if you read more of my thoughts - or sought to ask them.