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February 06, 2003


If you're of the mindset that Gulf War II inevitable, well, you haven't really been trying.
Since i made some kind of plea for coming up with solutions, yesterday one fell in my lap today.

There's a group out there with access to foreign ambassadors and American Congressmembers. They've been speaking to them on the newly coined term "pre-emptive democracy." It's an old idea known as a constitutional convention.

This would also satisfy those once many-in-number constitutional Republicans. It could happen in a few months, not years. It could cost $10 million to $100 million, not $100 billion.

Very generally, the idea is to make Saddam an exile in his own land. The convention could be held anywhere, with current Iraqi opposition leaders. A government could be elected.

Today, we can and must do our moral duty: President Bush and the world ought to call immediately on all Iraqi groups and the Iraqi people to jointly design the next free and democratic Iraqi government. This should be done in a constitutional convention open to all Iraqi groups, and in a transparent way open to the world media. This Constitutional Assembly, because of restrictions by Saddam Hussein, would not be ideally representative, but it must strive to be as representative as possible. Less than perfect representation could be remedied in a follow-up process in a free Iraq, but the responsibility for less than perfect representation would be clearly Saddam's.

... Drafts for such a constitution already exist, and the Constitution of 1925 was never formally repealed, a fact that would shorten the process.

... The international community could legitimize the new duly constituted government by giving it Iraq's seat in all international bodies, thus visibly expressing its preference for a more legitimate authority.

If Saddam refused to obey the legitimate government of Iraq, in effect a government in exile, the new Iraqi government could then request all assistance from the international community to free Iraq.

Go to
WorldCitizen.org (yeah, the title sounds pie in the sky, but ...) to find ut more. Witohut more details it does souind a litle ... hopeful.

But, it sure beats the currently planned carpet bombing of Baghdad, rather than any surgical strikes. I'll admit this carpet nomb plan could be posturing - but the assertion came from the military who, in military plas and ideas are not known to posture.

"The motives of Bush don't matter. It's about what he said. you've got to hold him accountable to his words," said World Citizen spokesperson Troy Davis.