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February 01, 2003


Slightly abbreviated version of
a comment I posted at Atrios.
People who cannot dream are doomed to misery. People who have no imagination are doomed to boredom. People who would try to kill either dreams or imaginations are wasting space here on earth.

Let me rephrase what I said above about "living on different worlds."

How about directing SDI "star wars" money toward NASA? Why? Because NASA gives dreams to millions of people. I could stop there and that would be enough because there are so few things in the world left that will do that.

Sports? All about the money. (LeBron James???)
Parents? Well they are only as good as their sources and their own role-models.
President? _____________________

SDI, some might say, prevents nightmares. No, it is highly impractical. More impractical than living on the moon.

And don't forget the Space Stations - people live there now, though of course they need Earth.

What about, instead of SDI, we instead foster peace. That's a good defense too, in general.

By other worlds, I may have spoken too literally. I was talking about what we can learn from different worlds - scientifically. And no, I truly don't believe we'll ever live on another planet. I misspoke. But what we can learn from other planets/stars/objects - that is valuable.

NASA is one true agency that has stayed pure to its stated goals. Sure it is also used to lift spy satellites and who knows what else - but everyone involved can be proud. They have never had anything to be ashamed of.

On my list of priorities for what a country can do - NASA is at the top.