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February 02, 2003


Okay, I looked for an explanation and not finding one, I can't quote it. But I want an explanation for why Atrios decided to delete about half his comments relating to
his first Shuttle post, yesterday.

Neither of my posts was erased, so I'm not coming at it from that angle (One of mine left, refers to the fact that there are 200 plus comments. Last figure I remember from yesterday was 215).

Before you miss the point, let me clarify - he has every right to do erase. It's his site, it's his "home."

However, I have formerly only encountered such a redaction of history on narrow-minded, right-wing sites such as Greatest Jeneration, Lucianne.com and Daily Pundit.

My view is that when bloggers add the comment ability to their sites they assume a different type of responsibility. Especially when the site is designed to foster debate of one kind or another. Like Atrios, I'm assuming.

Then, after that, what you get in comments is a reflection of life and your readership. I'm not saying it changes history, but you should have a really good reason to erase. And even if you don't you should still offer an explanation, however inadequate.

A better way to handle it, is to block certain comment-ators, though with a warning because everybody gets carried away every now and then.

I would also erase comments that somehow took up major space or, in my case, comments that compromised my anonymity. (See first ever entry, which unfortunately isn't archived for explanation)

So I'm e-mailing Atrios this post and see what he says.

UPDATE 17:50 - The comments number was 108, now it's 104. Maybe the comments are accidentally being erased?

UPDATE 10:06 2.3.2003 ATRIOS replys, thankfully.
didn't erase any comments. I don't think any were erased. The counter
program for the comments seems to be buggy - and, as time goes by the
number it counts seems to shrink.

I believe they're all still there, even if the counter doesn't register the
correct number.

And it now says 16. I can't count to 104, but I can count to 16 and there are more than 16 comments there.