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February 06, 2003


I think I'm doing a pretty good job of keeping this site up-to-date. A number of posts a day, with a mix of quick hits, and original wordage for when people have more than moment to skim.

One of my goals is not to hit the same points that can be found everywhere else, though obviously I'm not going to miss major events - SotU, Powell presentation to UN, the Columbia tragedy (not an "event" per se)

But, saying that, it's but a FRACTION of everything I want to put up here. I've got a Mac, which makes it easy to pull text clippings and bookmark links to the desktop. I can take screenshots of small parts of the screen - a picture rather then the entire screen.

I have literally thousands of these little snippets over the last two months. As I bounce around the blogdom I see many points that I think - "damn, wish I'd found that info" or, "wish I'd thought of that. I don't think that of the guys who have Lexus-Nexus, because, well for obvious reasons.

Many, many of these are also in the comments sections. People obviously care to take the time to post their thoughts.

But if I tried to link to all of them - well then I'm really just a compendium of other people's thoughts. That's not want I'm going to be. I do find different points/angles of discussion and I'm proud of what I've got going here.

I want to offer solutions because I think that if the blogdom is to become viable as a source of information it should produce solutions as well.

I do want to thank fellow Seattle-ite
David Neiwert, Howard Owens, and Estimated Prophet's Mark King for posting a link to me. Mr. Owens has me down as Andrew Dimn because he likes names even though that never really appears on my site. Dimn is my blog tag. Andrew I put at some comments because I don't think people like to address "dimn" which is just a tag, not a name. I am ByteBack at David's site and Estimated Prophet's site. If asked I would prefer DIMN or Byte Back.

A few blogs/zines/sites, split into categories is useful to me, which is why I did it that way.

I completely agree with DailyKos's policy on linking and so forth - there is no point in my mind of having a HUGE list of blogging links. That's information overload.

Thank you. Good night. And God bless America.