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February 09, 2003

Romenesko v Sully

Hopefully Romenesko will continue to ignore the jibes. But Andrew Sullivan, Republican blowhard, ex-pat Brit, has called Jim Romenesko out a couple of times. JR is the lead guy behind the media blog at journalism's Poynter Institute.

First time (on his blog at least), was, as Brad deLong points out,
last October.

Now, this Friday:
ROMENESKO WATCH: Gay left supporter James Romenesko runs a blog linking to liberal stories and opinion in the media. If Eric Alterman sneezes, there's an item. But if someone right-of-center has anything to say about the media, it's ignored. A good example today: Jonah Goldberg's excellent and provocative piece about media overkill on the Columbia disaster. It's a big piece in a big paper, the Wall Street Journal. Look at what else Romenesko links to today - an end to the Miami Herald spelling bee! a college meat-eating contest! - and ask yourself the reasons for the lacuna. In fact, see if you can find any stories in the past week that deviate even slightly from left-liberal politics. Romenesko has every right to run a left-liberal blog on the media, of course. But he should be candid about his biases. He's a propagandist. And a very good one.

Last October, Mr. Sullivan had said Romenesko would never link to what Sullivan called "a great piece" about Howell Raines (Andrew's bestest friend) - though he already had.
It's his right to call Romenesko whatever but not if his motivation is simply to discredit him.

Brad deLong offered this suggestion at the time: Sullivan thinks Romanesko is worth smearing because Romanesko is not a tool of right-wing attack dogs. I don't believe Sullivan thinks Romanesko has a political agenda--it's just that Sullivan finds it convenient to pretend that he thinks that Romanesko has a political agenda.

Idea/link via Howardowens.com AKA GlobalNewsWatch.com [it's the same site, two domains. That sounds like an ad line]