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February 05, 2003

TROLL, -- 'trOL

According to the
Samizdata blogging glossary:
1. verb. To troll for hits is to post a provocative article purely in order to generate an angry response (usually followed by sending a mass e-mail shot to the target audience) and commensurate increase in hit rate.
2. noun. A person who trolls.
Usage: "Justin Raymondo has just trolled the Warbloggers again."
'Troll' is usually used as an epithet and the term is widely used in this sense in newsgroups and e-lists as well as blogs.

I can see how Gary might have thought this, then. But as I've stated I wanted to ask the question, but not to get an angry response. As indicated on my blogroll, I thought - and still do - that Deanesmay.com represents the reasonable right. And I haven't sent any mass mailing.

I'm not new to the Web or blogging, i just never looked up the word - no one has ever called me that before. I assumed it was the under-the-bridge (noun) troll - somebody who just kept on and kept on e-mailing or posting to a site with abusive and or threatening language

Pronunciation: 'trOl Function: verb Etymology: Middle English Date: 15th century
transitive senses --- 1 : to cause to move round and round : ROLL 2 a : to sing the parts of (as a round or catch) in succession b : to sing loudly c : to celebrate in song 3 a : to fish for by trolling b : to fish by trolling in c : to pull through the water in trolling
intransitive senses
1 : to move around : RAMBLE 2 : to fish by trailing a lure or baited hook from a moving boat 3 : to sing or play in a jovial manner 4 : to speak rapidly --- trollĀ·er noun

After reading that, why do I suddenly feel the need for a troll song?