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February 06, 2003

WAR - a frame of reference

Michael Demmons sounded reasonable - except for a patriots vs. pussies post, but it's the first time I visited his site.

He was
asking, in short, how can "liberals" be against the war when Saddam is oppressing and killing THOUSANDS of his people. Aren't Democrats champions of the oppressed, he asks. Well, it was nice of him to acknowledge that. He simlifed the argument too much.

I e-mailed him this just a few moments ago and asked him to post in comments here. I won't hold it against him if he doesn't, but I will always wonder.
C'mon Michael D.,

You asked aren't Democrats supposed to be for the oppressed?
You asked, "How could you be against saving these people just because you don't like the reasoning you believe to be behind it?"

Then you gave what you think are the reasons for "liberals to be against the war." Those reasons you give are pretty fringe. And there are people against the war as it is currently framed from across the political spectrum. Norman Schwarzkopf comes to mind.

The simple answer to oyur question is that the ultimate oppression is, you know, death, and the way the Pentagon is talking now [I'll find link if you like] there are plans to carpet bomb Baghdad and kill many many civilians. You addressed that as, to paraphrase, not really a matter of concern. Other's beg to differ.

I'm not saying it doesn't exist, but can you privide a link for your assertion that Saddam kills THOUSANDS of his own people every year. Not a link that says one person, but THOUSANDS.

I am against the war ON THE TERMS PRESENTED NOW. You are ignoring the obvious point that most people on left and right and center think Saddam Hussein is a bad man; a man who is damaging his country. But nowhere in your discussion is the complete picture of how the Administration has framed the war - as a pre-emptive strike against a bad man.
And you are ignoring how this type of thing is being seen across the globe. Americans like to think the rest of the world opinion does not matter. Is that what you think? Are we going to go it alone in this world? Where is this leading

Or is there a plan for cooperation and resolving disagreements anywhere? I think it's called the United Nations.
Those are my reasons for opposing the war and that's in spite of my strong dslike for George Bush Junior.