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December 28, 2003


Stoopid effing Arizona Cardinals. They couldn't do as expected and lose. If they had done that then Green Bay wouldn't be the lucky fuckers that they are.

And I wouldn't care as much except when I don't understand something it really gets to me. and here's what I don't understand. In the last seconds of the game, in fact with no time remaining, some Arizona player caught it in the end zone. But he only put one foot down in the end zone and if you are going to catch it in the end zone you need two feet to touch down (that's how you get the name. Actually, I have no idea how the name got there). The two feet didn't land in-bounds because a Minnesota player pushed him out of the end zone before he could.

Pretty fucking amazing, right? No, as it turns out.

It immediately brings to mind this question. Isn't that what's he supposed to fucking do? Get the out of bounds so he can't get the TD? Why isn't that Job Well Done?

Why can't football players do anything and everything (short of helmet on helmet and pulling masks and punches) to block their man, get through their man, tackle their man?

If I had the inclination I'd rewrite the football rulebook. It's a childish set of rules, based on a false idea.

Basketball firmed up most of their plays and, except for that blocking under the basket thing, it runs well (on court). Baseball - it's pretty much fundamental. There isn't a lot of wiggle room. There's never been (has there?) a call for a replay camera in baseball.

You want to hear the real kicker? I get all Phoenix stations and they weren't even showing the game.

So now it's Green Bay against Seattle. Same records. Seattle is seeded higher. Endless bullshit .. again .. about Holmgren returning home ... again. Endless bullshit about how Favre is the toughest man in the game .. blah .. blah .. blah. Incidentally, Favre is a player I like to watch but Ahmed Green is the real star there.

But mostly, I really want Green Bay to go down because people I hate (as in "hate") like him. Now, even more so.