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January 22, 2004


Apparently, though I had not gone back to look, all my past comments are fried - as are the comments from other BlogOut users.

And as I have got a few e-mails that they can't leave a comment now, it is time for a change. Comments are the life of a blog in my humble opinion and I need one that works. I had a Haloscan account - I wonder if it's still functionng or whether I can remember the password.

I tried to send the guy comments but it didn't work. And I can't find an e-mail address. So instead I'll post my heartless words here.

Actually, I had not investigated to see if all my comments are lost. If so, shame on you. Sure this is a free service but so are the others, as has been said below.

If there was a computer fried, that can be understandable. But you know thousands of people are using your site now and more warnings that this could be lost were necessary.

If they are lost, then yes, I'm going elsewhere. My reason for staying was to use someone smaller and give them the minor publicity I could. I had not figured out a way to easily import my comments. And i had not gone back and cut and pasted them, as I planned to.

Blogout worked for a while, but have been having problems for a while now. And you really have not changed or altered any services since I've had your comments these last 11 months.

Sorry, but when you know you're being used by thousands of people you do have an added responsibility to either shut down or demand payment -- or give loud and clear warnings of the potential loss.

UPDATE 16:25 Not all comments are gone - only those after Sept. 2003. I also did remember my Haloscan info, soooo .. soon.