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January 24, 2004


Seems Cherie Blair (a human rights lawyer), got in the face of George Bush Junior about the death penalty and thinks he stole the 2000 election. Among other things in a new biography of Tony Blair.

London Times story here (Free Republic quotes the whole damn story but doesn't provide a link.)

The small residents of Freepsville have this - and much more - to say:

Socialism is a women's disease.

"Laura Bush had made it clear that her views on abortion were a great deal more liberal than his."

Anybody know if this is true?
- kinda slow round these parts, though some later confirm - yes.

Laura should have b***h-slapped her !! - isn't that cute - they censor their love.

Cherie Blair is L3 all the way. Looney left liberal. A chowderhead. Britain is full of these cranks. I will however give her credit for being woman enough to bear 4 children

Laura Bush had made it clear that her views on ABORTION were a great deal more LIBERAL than his.

I wonder how much influence she has upon her husband? Does anyone know if she is even Christian?

The Drudgemeister links to YOUR post at FR! Woohoo! - which begs the question - why doesn't Drudge link to the original story if he's such an even-handed individual. Hands up and $400 to the first person who can point me to when he linked to the Democratic Underground in a "these guys have it right" way.

Another bitch from hell who doesn't realize that not a single person cast a vote for her. - So if you need to be elected to voice an opinion than Freeperville is full of elected officials? Help.

Well, the uncouth, big mouthed, lawyer wife (I wonder if she has huge thighs like Hillary too?) certainly knows nothing about the U.S. Electoral College nor about criminal justice - the crime rates in the UK have skyrocketed past those in the U.S.

So take your pompous disdain for our criminal system and shove it up your bulbous, cellulite buttocks you thick twit. I say, jolly good, that.

I mean did ANYONE actually ASK what this ill-mannered woman thought about the subjects? I know I didn't.

And look at the picture, at her jutting jaw. A previous poster wrote: "Screw you and the horse you rode in on!" But I think it more likely that she rode in on a broom. Again, the parallels with Hillary are staggering.

And look at the Prime Minister. He might be embarassed by her lack of manners, but look at his right hand. He's supporting his wife.
- ????

And my "favorite" among all this garbage and pig-swill hate -- "those people"

notice how liberals love to look down on others??
24 posted on 01/24/2004 2:30:17 AM PST by GeronL

Now I'm not one to discount FreeRepublic - just when they talk about politics.

UPDATE 11:50 Had to add that one poster there says "quit yer whining" and this post, which is Freeper for, "I'm reasonable i just have no fucking clue what I'm talking about:
Mrs. Blair is voicing an opinion that betrays a lack of understanding of the American system of voting, the checks and balances with the electoral college and so on. As to the death penalty in Texas, that is a mandated thing by Texas law that those whose level of capitol crime reaches a certain point, i.e. serial killers, etc., are executed. Just because a man is governor does not mean he can reverse those decisions. From a practical standpoint, the death penalty is a very expensive proposition because of legal stays of execution, and delaying tactics built into our legal system. DNA evidence is something new which can correct the system of justice.

Emphasis mine. In other news this week, former Illinios Governor George Ryan has his decision to comute all sentences of men on death row confirmed by the courts.