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January 11, 2004


I'm a member of the League of Liberals Alliance on the Truth Laid Bear showcase.

Our members have struggled with apathy. This was partly due to what most of us viewed as dishonest tactics in manipulating results from the person who started the League. We felt - for the most part - it tainted us as a group.

He went away, saying, in essence that his tactics (long lists of links to fellow LOLers to boost up the link popularity factor, and the same site meter posted on more than one site) were only in response to what is a kind of stupid popularity contest.

We all wished him well and avered, in differing strengths and tones, that we hoped the door didn't hit his ass too hard on the way out.

But our apathy now? It's coming down to the fact that actually, he was and is right.

The entries for the New Blog Showcase are supposed to be promoted by TLB alliances as a way of saying "welcome to the club."

Unfortunately, they are self-selecting. That is, any new blogger who thinks they wrote good (bad grammar intended) gets in there. Some are indeed funny or strong or creative, but very very few - being first efforts - are really that great. Some are quite pathetic.

Lately that pathetic factor has increased steeply.

That's not to say there are not a lot of good new bloggers out there. But i think more either don't give a rats ass about Truth Laid Bear, or, because blogtopia has grown so much, it just gets lost. It's not that important - except to some established bloggers who are invested in it's importance.

Further, in the showcase, since there are political and non-political categories (again self-selecting), which don't seem to be reviewed, there's a big mess of what's political and what's not.

It feels like giving up to step out of the Showcase. But when it becomes all but meaningless, it isn't so bad.

I almost forget what finally pushed me to write this.

One of the new bloggers listed on the showcase this week is Word Gets Around.

She has a good variety at her site (fake naivety aside), though it has the Barry Bozeman mark (examples here, here, here, here, here, here. and here.).

But then she posted this:
hey, I've been upgraded in the TTLB blogger ecosystem thingy (see last post!) I'm now a Wiggly Worm, which is (slightly) better than a Insignificant Microbe... so I'm not the lowest form of life anymore;) Do these categories apply to me personally or just to the blog??

Isn't that demeaning? It also gives Truth Laid Bear many many links.

Not just to the poster but to blogtopia in general. I know this rating system started out as a joke and I suppose some humor is still in there somewhere, but TLB takes it very seriously. He has, after all, done a lot of work to try and get it right but I think even his interest is waning. Witness the frequence of his posting - almost non-existent except for the weekly showcase.

We've got better ideas and better ways to spend our time (as I'm sure many conservative and Republican bloggers do to) and I think it's become clear that so has Truth Laid Bear.

His showcase - absent any evidence to the contrary - should be Laid to rest. Truthfully.

UPDATE: 13:02 - 1.15.04 One of the "here" links above e-mailed me to point out that he is not Barry Bozeman or in any way related. Thusly:
One of the those "here's" above points to my site, Inn of the Last Home but I'm not the same Barry as Barry Bozeman.  Different guy (which caused no end of confusion when he was blundering about the Rocky Top Brigade sites on a regular basis.

So if you could remove that particular link, I'd appreciate it because that's the kind of association I can do without :)
Barry (NOT Bozeman)