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January 29, 2004


I'm sticking with Dean.

What you're saying here Oliver is that you have no belief in the ideas but more, how the media has treated them and will treat them.

That's fine - that's a good chunk of what anybody votes on. Personally, he has a lot to offer that I've seen (looking back from afar) from his days in Vermont. Ideas and leadership. He was there 12 years as governor. Someone must like him.

I'll stay with him unless he doesn't win anything on Feb. 3 - and Kerry wins the majorirty. Then I will be forced to change.

As has gone around the pundit class, I too cannot understand the appeal of Kerry. Is it all military? William Slaten (sp?) wrote a great piece that it is everyone around Kerry who sells Kerry - but not Kerry.

That doesn't speak well as a leader of these United States. I've started to refer to him as Ker- yaaaaaaaaawn -ry

Kerry has been a better campaigner by stealing everyone elses ideas. Do I think he'd be exciting? Many Democrats and this country are tired of exciting.

Will he do a good job? I haven't seen much evidence of it. As has been repeated - not often enough - can anyone remember a Senate Bill that had Kerry as a major sponsor?

I sense a little research for my site. Damn, I promised myself I wouldn't do that.

First posted as a comment at Oliver
"I'm a follower" Willis

UPDATE 11:24 Go here for bills Kerry sponsored in the last congressional session. Type in "Kerry" as a keyword.

The summary is that of the 50 bills listed, Kerry only was prime sponsor on four bills and co-sponsor on the rest. Of the ones he sponsored her eis their general summary:

No. 3 (on the list) - To amend titles 10 and 14, United States Code, to provide for the use of gold in the metal content of the Medal of Honor. (Introduced in Senate)

No. 8 - To amend the Internal Revenue Code of 1986 to include in the criteria for selecting any project for the low-income housing credit whether such project has high-speed Internet infrastructure. (Introduced in Senate)

No. 35 - Veterans' Prescription Drug Reform Act of 2003 (Introduced in Senate)

No. 40 - To amend title II of the Social Security Act to restrict the application of the windfall elimination provision to individuals whose combined monthly income from benefits under such... (Introduced in Senate)

The "Introduced in Senate" translates as, it did not become law or pass. There's no leadership here. This may not matter to voters, but if he's elected it will matter to how he perfoms as president. I'm not enthused.