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January 06, 2004


I forgot my own BYTE BACK anniversary. i just checked and nope, actually I'm dead on but since it's 23:17 I think a future wife would count that as "forgot."

I had a half-hearted up for a few weeks blog at ujournal but here's the very first post here (without links):

Jay Fitzgerald at HUBBLOG was the final push to get a better domain for my previous UJOURNAL blog. I will probably move it all to a www.REALDOMAIN.com in a few months as well. Or not. I have had trouble personalizing blogspot blogs, but then again I haven't tried all that hard either.
ME. I go anonymously because I am a journalist who talks to politicians frequently. I hold it as a source of pride that they tell me they do not know whether I am an R or D and I hear from readers that they like my articles because I am "fair" by which I think they mean that they do not detect a bias.
Currently I am a reporter for a county newspaper looking for a new gig anywhere else in the US. There are distinctions to be made between national and local media outlets and I will be making them whenever I refer to "media."
I do not buy into the "liberal media bias" because I have met and worked with as many conservatives as liberals working as reporters. I do believe conservative commentators on the national scene have done more to poison the national debate than anyone. Period.
As a result we get Bush. I dislike him, his personality and his politics. I get frustrated with people who buy into everything he's got going on. To put it in Bush terms - he's a bad, bad man.
As a journalist you better be used to criticism. I can take it - and I can especially respect it if is delivered reasonably with some suggestion of knowledge lived or looked up.
I just thought of the other reason I don't like blogspot - it is not possible to include the ability to leave comments. But e-mails - pointed, praising [you can do it but I'm uncomfortable posting them] or pissed off - are gladly excepted at sunraysix@excite.com. I will post them a la Bill Quick at DailyPundit. The mention of the reactionary but at least partly thoughtful Quick is not an endorsement of his views, just the person I can think of after he left ALL the comments he got when he threatened to resign from the "blogosphere" when he detected a conspiracy against him from the "onlineadosphere."
A bit more about me. I'd like it to to be acomplete list but no one needs or deserves that:
I am an astoundingly gifted self-effacing person.
Occasionally I attempt humor but fall on my face.
When I feel somebody is deliberately being stupid I will react in kind.
I will respond to readers requests for me to research my points if I haven't already.
When I respond angrily or more correctly, forcefully to someone's post it will not be personal. It will be against their views not them.
There will be exceptions to the above item.
You will more often get actual words from me rather than short reactions to links. It's up to you to decide how thoughtful they are.
[INSERT COOL QUOTE HERE THAT SAYS SOMETHNG ABOUT NEW BEGINNINGS BECAUSE I CAN'T THINK OF ONE RIGHT NOW]. I'll hit publish now and see what the template I chose looks like. Gulp.

Good times. Good times. i think that holds up pretty well. This post on the same day is a little funnier, where I forget Howard Dean is running and Wesley Clark was but a rumor.