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February 07, 2004

ANDREW SULLIVAN - he has a personality on TV

Andrew Sullivan, Carol Moseley-Braun and Rob Schneider. Rob Schneider, I think, got the call accidentally by a booking agent who thought he was calling Rob Reiner. He was pretty clueless on the issues but wasn't as bad as I first thought he would be when I heard the name.

I'm sure at least two or three times Andrew Sullivan (whose page won't load right now) must have cringed inside and thought "Dear God, I'm debating with Rob Schneider."

Andrew Sullivan exhibited a fine sense of humor on the show. He didn't make any jokes, but he laughed when things were funny. Shame that doesn't come across on his blog where not much of any personality shows through.

He's got a cute smile with dimples, too.

Moseley-Braun actually sounded like a lefty blogger, though with infinitely more politeness. And she was cutely O-mouthed shocked at things Maher was saying.

Democratic Michigan Gov. Jennifer M. Granholm and author Ron Suskind were the "live-by-satellite" guests.

Suskind was rock solid in defense of his book and his sources. Granholm was clearly quite upset after coming on quite soon after Maher had done a song about Unplanned Wardrobe Malfunction. (The previous week Kobe Teeth and One Trick Pony ( < grin > ) had done a song about Weapons of Mass Destruction-Related Program Activities.

The words "fuck" "titties" and "motherfucker" were sprinkled throughout the song. This clearly caught Granholm off-guard as I'm sure she was thinking of the ABC version of the show "Politically Incorrect."

Maher said something like "You look shocked that you're on the show" and Granholm looked off camera and said something very close to: "No, but I am wondering who it was on my staff who said it would be a good idea to appear on this show."

Maher gets some pretty good questions in. He wouldn't let Granholm avoid a couple of the questions on America's health problem (obesity) and whether the Democrats should be uniquivocally for gay marriage and not just "civil union," pointing out that he understands why Republicans are against it.

UPDATE 1:24 a.m. 2-8-04 Finished sentence that I left hanging with Granholm's comment about her wondering why she was on the show. Also I finally got to Andrew Sullivan to see if he'd mention being on the show. He did pre-show but nothing subsequent. I did see that he may have been subdued because his previous boyfriend died Tuesday. He said this previous boyfriend was two years ago.