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February 27, 2004

Gays - Pieter is On Your Dicks
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What with this Federal Marriage Amendment in the air, it is a good time to revisit Pieter. You remember Pieter from Halloween last year. Once he found out Michael Demmons (Discountblogger) was gay, Pieter "Dominatrix' Dream" Friedrich wondered why Demmons had linked to him and wanted his filthy gay association removed from his person, so to speak.

You know Pieter, he of the "Damn, wish I'd bought Godhatesfags.com first but maybe assholeinvitation.com is available," demands to be taken seriously on the issue of gays in America when he starts his post off thusly:

The queers who are receiving "marriage" licenses in San Francisco like to portray themselves as victims.

And Pieter, if he was a little bigger (in the arms - you've got such a gutter mind) would love to make them victims, I'm sure. After all, if hate is Christian behavior than violence is, too (one's merely mental violence, the other purely physical).

See ladies and gentlemen it's quite simple. Pieter sets the record, um, straight:
Everyone, homosexual or straight, enjoys an equal right to marriage. Every male has the right to marry a woman and every female has the right to marry a man. And so, an of-age male homosexual may marry an of-age woman and an of-age lesbian may marry an of-age man.

Quite the rapier wit. Why can't we non-Pieterheads see this? [NB, just a semantical thing - but Pieter likes that - but you'd be hard-pressed to find a man or a woman not "of age."]

Love the elegant comment from one Aaron Butler: If it's not the Bible that's inconsistent, but rather our interpretation of it, how do you know that?

With his creative juices flowing - see other examples here, here, and here - Pieter tells quite a story about homosexual moans. Gotta read it. Fabulous stuff, dahling.

(Psst. See right about now, Pieter thinks I'm a flaming gay. He cannot fathom how non-gays can tolerate these butthole surfers - for surely that is how he thinks of them).

Pieter lays a claim (read the comments there) that "the law" already defines marriage as between a man and a woman. Wish he'd tell the, admittedly much less Christian, Bush that because the president seems to think some type of amendment is in order.

People who think they are clever, but aren't are fun. I play with them. They never are hard .. to figure out.

Pieter also thinks his commentators misunderstand his point - when in reality they understand it all too well and can't quite fathom the puzzle, wrapped in a mystery, flooded by an enema.