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February 22, 2004

Hands Up - Who's Sick Of The Prez Race?

The feeling I have now is the same one I had in 2000. That is that neither candidate does much for my juices. As Maher put it at the time - Bore and Gush. Except this timethe feeling has come much much earlier. I see a country doomed to have lousy leaders for my entire f____ lifetime.

And I chose the word "leader" carefully. This is a country that does not know what it wants from politicians because it is ignorant of what government needs to run and to function.

Who out there can articulate what the government can do and how it can lead us or help lead us in the right direction. And how will a Congress ever let him (or her) lead?

Instead we'll have hundreds of millions of dollars spent in a successful attempt from both sides to avoid saying anything of substance.

Nader in? Whatever shred of esteem I once had for the man is no more. He is an aging ego astride glory days he doesn't realize are long gone.

What kind of fucking freak would vote for this man? Being fed up with the system isn't enough - or shouldn't be. I'm all for proportional representation and an overhaul of the entire election system of this country. But not on the shoulders of a wrinkled eco-lethario.

UPDATE 18:27 Lest I be miconstrued as "just another Dem who hates Nader" because he'll supposedly take some votes away - that's not the way I see it. Everybody has the right to run, but it should be for an actual reason other than self-fellatio. Nader has no reason now, no cause that he won't hurt by working the system this late in the process

Dean out? Well, duh. Who didn't see that coming over the last few weeks? Even if you didn't like his ideas, though (and be honest it was the personality not the ideas) he's got so much to offer this country. We're an angry country now. He had the capacity to absorb that anger, however, and do some good.

Instead he's been wrung out and spit on by a national media estalishment, which has too much power over easily-led Americans. They can collectively control an election process into whatever storyline is easy for the punditry class to understand and sound-bite into a void of substance.

It has forced politicians to take the similar easy way out in presentng themselves. Dean didn't follow the advice of his "handlers" and he's labeled the stupid one. Now that is. Though Gore did follow the advice of his handlers, he was labeled as constantly reinventing himself - a label put on Dean as well with the cover of Time declaring: "Who is the Real Howard Dean?"

I'm sorry but I don't have much respect for anyone in the process right now.

Bush=money If Bush wins he will do so because he raised more money and because more Americans believed his slurs of Kerry than believed Kerry's slurs of Bush.

The only thing Bush has going for him is he makes inadequate men feel like they have dicks again.

We're corrupt and I see no way out. I'll keep looking for a solution and a vision I like though. When Clinton ran I chose him because he really seemed to be able to pull the racial tensions of the country pulling toward the same progress. He got it.

The era of big ideas that don't involve death are gone.

We've got Kerry, who makes Gore look like the life of the party. And even if Kerry wins, he won't be able to achieve anything substantial with so many forces aligned against him - and that's not even including a Republican-controlled Senate and House.

I'm optimistic, by the way, on that front. I think Democrats will not just get but earn some seats back.

With all that, we're going to be changing things around here.