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February 09, 2004

Hay WOL, Wait Up


My general comments are - Bush was and is not, by any legal definition, AWOL. He has the paper that says honorably discharged. He was. Fact.

CalPundit puts 2 and 2 together and gets a tidy sum - that is 380 comments which I think is his highest ever response. He also makes some good points which other Bush-bloggers will have to try and explain to themselves.

Do I wish this issue had been discussed more in 2000? Hell, yes. It was an issue then. It was something that, since he was fresh on the scene, could have been carved out to be a genuine insight into the made man.

But it wasn't. Now, even though the comparison to George "Aircraft Carrier" Bush and George "Walk, Er, Right Out of the Military" Bush is tempting, there is so much more he is vulnerable on today. So much that is OF THE MOMENT.

If you waste too much energy on this once-important issue the country will get a repeat of 1996. Except Bill Clinton was good for the country.

Should Bush be respected for what appears to be indulged and enabled laziness and/or possible illegal drug use? No. But let that be a small wrinkle in the back of people's minds. Let it niggle at people's subconsciousness. Because if you try and shove it down people's throats they will gag and turn away.

That won't happen because now that the issue has come up in many venues, news organizations aren't "afraid."

Am I surprised it is now revived quite so strongly? Yes, but mostly I think it's a sad statement on the press that they couldn't bring it up the first time around. You know, when the airwaves were filled with what Gore might and might not have worn and why, how he was a man who couldn't decide who he was (same label given to Dean early on and will be given to Kerry, if it hasn't already) and how Gore was a pansy for merely being a front line reporter in Vietnam.

So. Drop. It.

What's the phrase I'm looking for? Oh yeah, Move On.