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February 10, 2004

Iraq: 'A Bad Day'
"We have a lot of good days; unfortunately we also have a lot of bad days like today," Coalition Provisional Authority spokesman Dan Senor said. "The good news is that we have more good days than bad days."

Car bomb kills at least 45 in Iraq
Coalition and Iraqi forces are bracing for more violence from anti-U.S. guerrillas as the country heads toward independence July 1.

In twin suicide blasts in Erbil last week, more than 100 people died at the headquarters of the two Kurdish parties that rule northern Iraq.

File this one under, not random.

But Byte Back, what would you do to stop this violence? Glad you asked. I'd step back and make a very public showing - broadcast around the world and everywhere anyone wanted to hear it - that America wants this to end. All parties would be invited - strip-searched, including the Americans and British for fairness sakes. I'd sit down and ask "What Do You Want? how Can You and We Get Us There?"

Live broadcast. Answer to the world.

If the parties divert from this, then America has all the justification it needs to crack heads. That needs MORE soldiers, not less - unless we find out that our presence is causing this in much the same way our presence in Saudi Arabia was the claimed reason for Sept. 11.

We need a second wind and we need it now. What we're doing ain't working. I'm not seeking to cast blame here. I'm stating a fact.