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February 24, 2004

Oh THAT DearMary

This is what I'm talking about people when I critize clarity in posts. I've seen the
DearMary link posted at a few Web sites. But they haven't explained what the fuck it is, and I haven't got time to click every damn link from a blogger who just says "Go here."

DearMary.com is a site that asks Dick Cheney's daughter to "come out" and speak about the issue of gay marriage. One that is not going away because her dad's boss won't shut up about it. It works as a nice distraction, as well.

Let me add here, by the way, that what San Francisco is doing is wrong in the sense of going directly against state law. To make its point and get a day in court the mayor should have married a few couples and left it at that for now.

Why? Because if the city loses - as it will - there's a lot more people hurt by this and a lot more conservatives who will have noticed this and raise the middle digit in salutation. Though, saying that, I'm sure the gays involved know what they're doing going in to get a marriage license with almost no legal backing.

What San Francisco is doing they are doing without the nod from any judge - different from Massachusetts

The reason for this move by the way, I have on good authority, is that Mayor Newsom just loves girl-on-girl action. Um, or I heard it on Drudge. Or was that OverRated.com? (A site that couldn't be more accurate in defining itself).

PS This is what it means to be a liberal. It means you are on the right side of the debate without being dragged there.