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February 12, 2004

Ricky's Got A Good Theory...

... on the whole JDSU (Just Didn't Show Up) controversy:
Ricky, approvingly it sounds like,
says this:
Now I'm beginning to believe that Rove is behind all this. With the day by day drip-drip-drip of confirmation, it's leaving many people with damaged credibility and a host of Democrats with "AWOL" quotes that will be hanging around their necks when November comes around.

This is getting ugly.

AWOL was always too strong a charge because to be AWOL, there has to be a piece of paper that says so. No one is going to go back and retry or reassess all the facts and issues on something like this 30 years later.

But this drip-drip-drip of information leaves a bad taste in my mouth. If it is a Rove ploy it shows the height of cynicism on the part of the man.

It shows that Bush really isn't trying to be respected, just elected.

It shows that releasing these records really isn't that hard.

It shows that it's a game.

And it shows that, yes, Democrats were reckless in throwing around any sort of AWOL charge.

What has been released so far - drip-drip-drip - really isn't proving anything by the way. Instead it's muddying the waters and leaving the fundamental questions unanswered.

Meanwhile, the right-wing sites I'm reading aren't even trying to paint the full story - that is that there are still many questions out there. They're saying, it's bullshit, ignore it. Now.

They would have said the same thing about WaterGate - guaran-fucking-teed.

For instance, Calpundit has quite an extensive interview with Bill Burkett who claims (as he did a little more milquetoast-like a few years ago) that he heard and saw men talk about throwing away some of Bush's military and medical records.

That's as least as newsworthy and as likely as a Letter to the Editor in the Washington Times from a friend and former co-worker, Col. William Campenni (retired) U.S. Air Force/Air National Guard.

Isn't It? Yes or no?

Campenni's engineering consulting service in Hendon probably does work for Halliburton, too (tongue in cheek, sort of)