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February 26, 2004

Seeing Red Causes NPR Blues

Jeffrey Dvorkin, NPR Ombudsman 
tackles Wal-Mart underwriting at NPR and the much less important topic that some Christians don't understand humor.

Well, I was going to write "much less important" until I saw the comment - on Calpundit I think - that similar satire episodes - in this case a pretend viewing focus group - would not have been tolerated or attempted for Schindler's List, Amistad or Philadelphia Man.

It's a film I have no desire to see. A carefully tailored and deliberate publicity machine has cranked it up to where people must see it. And because it's violent - but for a noble person and cause - it will be hailed as brave.

The short Wal-Mart underwriting / advertising script says this:
"Wal-Mart, committed to providing its associates a variety of career paths, training resources and advancement opportunities. Information at walmartstores.com."

The criticism is that this is blatantly false. Which, on the whole, it is. But it is advertising and is to be expected, even from NPR. It is impoprtant in one way to have that Wal-Mart advertising there. It may act as a disincentive to those who screech "liberal NPR."

Now, I have been listening to NPR more lately and to all those who say it's liberal I say, "You're full of shit." To the exent that it doesn't hit as many business stories and that it tackles issues of the day, well, if that's liberal ..... But it is one of the few forums where issues are actually beat down and discussed from truly different povs. And it's not the same sorry faces we see on TV AGAIN and AGAIN and AGAIN.