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February 23, 2004

Selling That Bridge to the 21st Century

In response to
a "challenge" from Kerry to the Bush campaign to debate war, Bush-Cheney 04 Campaign Chair Marc Racicot responds.

Kerry's was a call, even if overblown for a debate. Racicot's was a statement that he can and should be called upon later. But he won't be.

In his response to Kerry, the former Montana (What, not former ??) governor lays down this gauntlet:

As the chairman of the President's campaign, we look forward to a debate with the eventual Democratic nominee on President Bush's steady leadership in these times of historic change. He has an optimistic vision and agenda that will move America forward toward greater prosperity, greater security, greater freedom and greater compassion. The American people are eager to hear how the War on Terror will be won, and how we can lead the United States to even greater prosperity here at home.

[Sorry, I just left the preamble in for amusement]
As you know, our campaign has praised your military service to our nation. Our campaign does not condone any effort to impugn your patriotism. Your letter claims that supporters of our campaign questioned your service and patriotism. In fact, that simply wasn't the case.

As we debate these issues, I also ask you to elevate the remarkably negative tone of your campaign and your party over the past year. Your chief surrogate, Senator Edward Kennedy has said that the war to remove Saddam Hussein was "made up in Texas." The chairman of your party has accused the President of being "AWOL.' During the first days of combat in Iraq, you yourself called for "regime change in the United States." Of the $6.95 million that your campaign has spent on television ads, 74 percent of those ad dollars have funded a direct attack on the President.

[Shocked I tell, you. Shocked. And 74 percent. Maybe 73.999999, but who's counting]

We intend to run a campaign on the issues and each candidate's record on those issues. We hope that in the future you and your surrogates will do the same.
Sincerely, Marc Racicot, Campaign Chairman Bush Cheney '04

Paid for by BUSH-CHENEY '04, Inc. Copyright 2004 Bush-Cheney '04, Inc.

Ha ha. "We intend to run a campaign on the issues and each candidate's record on those issues." Ha ha.

Yeah, that's the way it always is. It's never been any different. Oh, wait. ... Two links off the bushcheney2004.com / georgewbush.com Web page are "John Kerry:Unprincipled" and "When Angry Democrats Attack"

So, who's going to be there to call him and the campaign on what is already a broken pledge?