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March 05, 2004

9-11, Bush and Cheap Shots

Much like George Bush has stolen the idea of honor to make it worthless and much like he's a lazy SOB**, I have stolen a comment left by
Manish at Oliver Willis' site to save myself the work and because it pretty much says all I was going to say:
The commercials are the straw that broke the camel's back of Bush using 9/11 for political gain.

He didn't want to setup a 9/11 commission, then under pressure let it happen. Then he stonewalled them, now he's only willing to spend an hour and wanted their work wrapped up quickly to limit the fallout. Then there is the fact that the Republicans are having their convention in late August, beginning of Sept to be as close to the 3rd anniversary as possible. There was talk that Bush would deliver his acceptance speech from ground zero. Not to mention all of the saying Saddam and 9/11 in the same breath such that most of the country was confused into believing that Saddam was personally responsible for planning 9/11.

If none of the above had happened, the commercials would have been a minor incident. Posted by Manish at March 5, 2004 12:38 AM

It's a tough one. I saw the ad yesterday playing in the background as CNN was talking about the issue.

Though it's a shallow and common tactic of Republicans to say "well others did it, so how bad can it be?" I'd have to say - through clenched teeth - that I probably agree with them on this one.

The footage that was used was not that bad - though I don't know why they didn't use footage of Bush at the site. That would make more sense but they're probably saving that for later on in the campaign season.

Still, the fact that widows of 9-11, and others who lost loved ones in the fire, are speaking out against it, pretty much says it all for me.

Not only are they pissed, but they dislike Bush enough to come out publicly and say so. If Bush had been more forthcoming and cooperated and said more than that he would, perhaps, spend, maybe an hour with two members of the 9-11 Commission - c'mon in no way does that speak to "cooperation." - then they wouldn't be so upset.

The widows and widowers are just partisan Democrats? I find that one hard to believe. They were the spouses of business professionals. Surely, it's not too much of a stretch to think a good portion of them were / are Republicans.

There are Republicans on this commission; what's Bush afraid of?

Lastly ask yourself truly, if you believe all firefighters are Democrats, well, what that does say about honor and value and Republicans being rejected on those terms? A false question because all firefighters are not Democrats. But the overwhelming majority are effed off at this administration's cavalier attitude toward their well-being.

** These and the $2,700 ads would be the cheap shots.

UPDATE 10:15 The words in the ad that had me personally more upset were the self-pitying ones, those that said "We inherited all these problems ... and then we got 9-11, too. Waaaaaaaah."

Following the words "an economy in recession . . . a stock-market in decline . . . a dot-com boom gone bust .. were 9-11 images.