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March 14, 2004

After a While We Get Tired of Folding,
And Put Our Game Faces On

While I would love for the anger, the stupidity and the lying in politics to stop, it isn't going to any time soon. As such, while many - probably on the left AND the right - would love to see an end to such traits, we all realize it isn't going to happen soon.

It is MADD - Mutually Assured Destruction, or as others have called it, the politics of personal destruction. It is destroying this country, bit by bit more than any Janet Jackson nipple or f-bumb heard on the radio.

I'm not down with PPD, but that doesn't mean I'm going to let myself be rolled by the angriest person out there the one willing to lie and manipulate and spin the most.

I'm going to vote and decide on what I believe in. I'm going to side with the person who seems to agree with me the most.

I'm going to believe what I believe in. On issues that are important but where I remain undecided I will listen. On issues where I have made up my mind I will always listen to new information, and discount that which I choose and listen to that which I feel effectively challenges my beliefs.

Being angry is not an effective pursuasian tool for me. Being angry with good arguments can be. If I already agree with you - I will be more sympathetic - but only if you are fighting the same tatics of manipulation and lies.

I'm always going to speak up.

How I do that and how effective I am depends on the open-mindedness to be challenged of the individual listening. To the respect I earn with my voice. Trouble is I'm not always after respect. Sometimes I'm just angry. Sometimes I'm angry with good arguments.

Sometimes, however much work you put into reason, others will respond with anger - sometimes the more reasonable and sane you are, the angrier the other person becomes. And sometimes you (and I) are wrong on the facts and with our own set of morals, we just don't like to be reminded of that.