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March 11, 2004

A Blunter Bush

Afraid their message that Bush is the war president wasn't getting through, the Campaign to Re-elect George W. Bush Junior and Keep the American People Perpetually Scared lays it down John Kerry's Plan: Weaken Fight Against Terrorists."

Exact words shown during the latest ad (released to the media first, like some sort of movie grand opening).

And as is clear from the language in the ads - "
Forward" and "100 Days", they misunderstand where the American people are - again. The Patriot Act - to the Bush re-elect campaign is a good thing. And Kerry's opposition to it is a bad thing.

Not where I live, white bread.

When my librarian down the street is afraid of the Patriot Act; when government postal workers are afraid of what the Patriot Act can do and what they might be asked to do in its name; when images of the FBI being able to track a person's every movement without warrants flash through people's minds - trust me, this isn't a positive. (I'm not saying this is where my head is at.)

People just want to be left the fuck alone and I don't think anyone can remember how the Patriot Act has helped catch a terrorist.

And far from "staying positive," these spots wallow in the culture of fear.
This cannot be denied.
They want to scare you shitless.

Guys, see this finger? Fuck you.

You keep on doing this - and barring some type of orchestrated October Surprise, you lose. John Kerry isn't weak on terrorisam you fuck wads.

Everyone and their drunk, hooker hopping, perverted brother knows the approach would not have been much different - though I do grant that Saddam Hussein may well still be the President of Iraq.

He STILL wouldn't have been a threat to the US - and that's what Americans vote on. We don't feel safer - and in very real terms Bush and the Rove administration are a big part of that.

TNR's Ryan Lizza lays it out here (No spin. just the text and facts - see this post too).