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March 21, 2004

Conservatives Underdogs On Campus: Suspect Facts

Besides the feeling that this column was written in 1995, there are a few suspect "facts" that make me ask - so what's the real story behind your example Peter?"

One of these examples below is that at Gonzaga University "a Christian, pro-life group was banned for being 'discriminatory.'"

I wonder at this because it's a Christian college. A Catholic college. A theocracy-based institutional of higher-than-your-high learning.

So if this group was banned, you can bet there was a good reason. One quite apart from the PCness of the university. Turns out there was. A Seattle Times account
here. Another account here from Students for Academic Freedom.

It comes down to 5,800 non-Christian students at the school potenitally being banned from holding leadership positions in the 20-member group.

Peter Bronson writes:
If the NCAA had a tournament of ideas, the same teams would play in the final game every year: PCU vs. GOP.

That's Politically Correct University vs. college Republicans. The refs are the left-wing faculty.

At the University of California Irvine, college Republicans held a bake sale with cookies at different prices for different races, to illustrate the unfairness of affirmative action. The administration shut it down.

At Gonzaga, a Christian, pro-life group was banned for being "discriminatory.''


Xavier college Republicans are scoring points with a visit by conservative columnist Walter Williams March 23. But President Colleen Heister criticized bad calls by the administration and student government.

"There's definitely a trend,'' she said. "We've had Ralph Nader and a number of speakers from the left, but no one from the right. There's been no balance from the university, so we feel it's our duty to provide a conservative voice on campus.''

The last straw was the speech last fall by left-wing scold Michael Moore. A local Xavier parent put up $10,000 to bring in Williams after learning that speaking fees and travel expenses for Moore cost $25,000-$30,000.

Heister said $3,000 is still needed for Williams' expenses, and she asked student government for help. But so far, "the university has offered nothing.''

Student Government President Natasha Hamilton said a decision on the request would be made this week. "The reality is the college Republicans are unprofessional,'' she said. "They didn't file the proper protocol and procedures.''

Heister said Moore was chosen by a small committee of student government during the summer, when most students were gone. Hamilton said Moore was a success, because $19,000 was recovered in ticket sales.

Michael Moore, $30,000. College Republicans, $3,000. Maybe.

The NCAA tournament of ideas is like Kentucky versus Lehigh. If conservatives even get into the gym, it's a moral victory.
Oh and Gonzaga's O-U-T, which is actually a blow because I'm always supportive of the WA-based teams.