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March 02, 2004

Dean WINS! Dean WINS! - and other observations

Good lord - Dean wins his home state of Vermont. There is an anti-Kerry vote out there. But why oh wy don't i think this will translate into votes for Bush. This also does point out, by the way, that the man has a thousand good qualties that the people who knew him longest and closest recognize.

Cheney gives, erm, exclusive interviews to both MSNBC and CNN (and maybe others) on the same day. That day is Super Tuesday. That may have been designed to take some of the attention off the Democrats. But unless he says anything exciting and / or radically new - "I'm quitting and here are the 1,001 reasons why" would be nice - it's not going to work.

Gay marriage amendment. I think I tried to say this in a previous post, but never quite got around to it. George Bush Junior came out for a gay marriage amendment despite his KNOWING that it would not pass because it helps other Republicans around the country when they come out against it and for state's rights. The GOP US Senators and Congressmembers get to have the best of both worlds and appear moderate.

Centerism The rise of Arnold Schwarzenegger is being hailed as a boon for the Republican party. I see it this way. After more than a decade of the country slowly moving to the right ideologically (apparently - though 50-50 in 2000 seemed to say it a little differently) Schwarzenegger's popularity, not among regular people but among journalists and elected officials, seems to mark a shift in the opposite direction.