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March 23, 2004

Find It Elsewhere

Sometimes - especially when the entire blogging community has something to say about an issue -- I don't.

I realize this is a very dangerous thought for a blogger.

It's not that I don't have a huge amount of thought about Clarke, about the 9-11 commission testimony today; about the Dow flirting again with the 10,000 mark (Ok, I really couldn't give a shit), about the blatant stupidity of blogging comment-ators who know the facts - or know they don't know the facts, yet persist as if they've got a Phd. in the subject, but me talking about it doesn't do any good.

I realize this is a very dangerous thought for a blogger.

After all, if people can't spout uninformed bullshit, then the very essence of free speech erodes, right? The very foundation of bullshitting may come splatting down in the greatest cowpie commentary crash and punditry phallus pratfall known to man or beast.

That doesn't mean everyone is a dumbass, but it does mean the vast amount of disinformation out there is a BIG waste of time. It means there's more shit to step in before you reach the barn door. And yet, the blogging community, on the whole, professes to love blogs more than traditional media. In reality, they love the filter.

It's just that, I don't think I'm going to be able to offer anything different at this point about some subjects, yet as a news junkie I have to fight the compulsion to just create a link to every facet of the news that's out there.

It is a model that seems to drive traffic - Atrios (for the most part), Instapundit (FTMP), but a lot of sites already do that.

I want to post about the issues of the day - but don't quite feel the need at this time because I wouldn't be offering anything new.

In sum, though - < grin >:

Clarke: Let the man be heard and the right is falling further in its over-the-top, round-the-clock denunciation and character assassination of the man. He is being called disloyal and partisan by the same people who are, themselves, disloyal in the search for truth and partisan. I lose patience with that.

9-11 commission: How often is a panel convened that releases it's report (today) and then has (mostly) public hearings today and tomorrow? That's what happened.

I tend to think that just as Clarke's critics are saying, "Well, why didn't he say this earlier instead of when he had a book to sell" I ask -- "Well, how come we're suddenly hearing about the administrations carefully crafted plans to fight Al-Qaeda, when before they were just asking us to take it on faith, despite the evidence - Iraqi invasion, a professed "renewed focus" on finding bin Laden - to the contrary?

And the idea that Rice and Cheney and Bush are hiding behind "seperation of powers" as a balls-out excuse not to testify publicly is embarassign for them. If they just said, we'd rather not give an opportunity for grandstanding and political posturing by commission members, it would be more believable and, more importantly, the "real truth."

Jobs: People keep on comparing the unemployment rate in the Clinton years to what it is today to say they are the same. After all, it's the same number so what's with the idea that other things are coming into play?

Heres; what. The number and type of jobs counted today in the "employed" column were not counted as "employed" before. There are many more people today who have less job security, who are working part time and - this fact is often repeated but always forgotten by blinded Bush supporters - who have given up trying to look for work and are therefore not counted as unemployed.

When people feel threatened personally they remain fearful. Bush can't renege on his tax cuts because his poltical base will desert him. Instead his crew of dour men and women are pulling on this mask of fear for their own political advantages.

That's kind of sick. Yet Bush says his economy is better. He - and those serving at the pleasure of the president - are among only a handful of people to think so. And they are alone in thinking their tax cut polciy has helped at all.

Creating a huge government has helped, but pretty soon the Republicans are going to wake up and cut those gains as well.

But what do I know? I'm just one of those 50 million voters who wonders what it means to the rest of the country to be "pro-America" and "anti-Iraq War."