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March 01, 2004

Implausibly Plausible

As a follow-up to my post below, let me say that I actually HATE reports like these, that say my country may have acted like the worst kind of rogue state bully.

For those who have missed it, Rep. Maxine Waters and a Randall Robinson (not an American is all I know) say that Aristide has told them that he did not resign but was forceable removed by US, er, forces.

Waters was
in Haiti last week.

This type of thing immediately becomes a cause and a reason for people on both sides to stop thinking.

The left - and I say this VERY generally - is willing to accept this as fact before much more proof is displayed.

Thee right - and I say this less generally - is willing to forget everything it has previously said about interfering in Haiti and a "smart" use of the military.

In 1983 (??), no one liked the invasion of Grenada - left or right. The first US presence in Haiti (post-1970) was derrided mightily by EVERYONE on the right.

When will there be a majority in this country who can look at such a well-sourced and respectable report and say "If true, that's fucked up?" Because, guess what, it is?

(Remember the Rove administration's support for getting rid of a troubling (to them) Venezuelan leader?). Bona fide links mentioning the idea that Aristide did NOT resign.

-Different AP story at FoxNews
-BBC - mentions it in passing.

Reuters. (Leftist plague)

Addendum: Let's look at a Feb. 23 letter from Maxine Waters to SoS Colin Powell, paying particular attention to the first paragraph:
Congresswoman Maxine Waters, who returned from Haiti on Saturday, says a bloodbath in that country is imminent in spite of the fact that President Aristide has agreed to the peace plan worked out by the international community.

"The opposition has rejected the peace plan, they have refused to negotiate and they have sent that signal to the thugs and newly formed army of exiled criminals. They have murdered many people in Cap Haitien and now control several cities.

"These thugs, and the newly reformed army made up of exiled former military officers and criminals known as The Front for the Advancement and Progress of Haiti (Fraph), are now on their way to Port-au-Prince and there will be a bloodbath there in hours unless there is some form of intervention from the United States and the international community beyond merely securing their embassies," Waters said.

President Aristide has been on the telephone for the last eight hours, asking the United States for help. Congresswoman Waters has placed calls to Secretary of State, Colin Powell, asking for help.

Congresswoman Waters was told by Ambassador Roger Noriega, the Assistant Secretary of State for Western Hemisphere Affairs, that the United States does not have any plans to assist in preventing Fraph from creating this confrontation, nor did he know whether this policy would change. Congresswoman Waters concluded her conversation with Mr. Noriega by warning him that a bloodbath on the streets of Haiti in Port au Prince was imminent and that the United States could avert this bloodbath if the United States, or the international community, with the aid of the United States, would send assistance to strengthen the Haitian police force to restore order. [Also this adds a lot of explanation to who and what is the Haiti opposition."]

UPDATE 15:01 The Rove administration is saying that Aristide signed a letter of resignation. We know that Bush et al has trouble with paperwork, but could we not see this letter of resignation? What does it say?

UPDATE 15:06 Either Aristide really did call these people or the world really has gone tits up, without a paddle, on hell's frozen river.