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March 01, 2004

Just a Hypothetical

Let's say, the anti-Bush here in America staged a "revolution" or a rebellous coup of George Bush Junior, the lesser.

1- How much international support would we get?
2- The right wouldn't be happy like they are about Bush's move on in Haiti - even the right who don't like GWB.
3- The anti-Bush will have found a use for guns after all, in using them to beat the heads of tow-headed children (much like the police did in Haiti from pictures I saw).
4- The country would be better off.

I realize the situation is different. Bush was appointed, not Democratically-elected. But the basic premise is solid.

I can't figure this "non-coup" coup out. Aristide was democratically-elected.

So, what was he doing wrong? Why do the Gray Davis / Aristide comparisons keep on popping into my head. Obviously they're both overseeing bankrupt "countries. And both are black. But beyond that ....

Well, Bush seems to have helped the insurgents in both cases.

And what's with these reports that Aristide did not, in fact, resign but was taken out of the country by a small contingent of US forces?

Lastly, who invited us into Haiti?

I don't really care if you think I'm an "America is always wrong" person on this. I lay absolutely no expertise with these matters on myself. (Other bloggers will suddenly become geniuses however. in the next few hours.)

I simply have many questions.

Ok, one more. The French are pansy-waisted elitist, leftist merdetetes with a loathing of America only matched by their body odor. Wonder how they feel working with American troops who think this way, who are led by a man who also thinks this way?