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March 18, 2004

Mind Games

First the Abu Fahs al-Masri Brigade (which claims ties to Al-Qaeda) tell us they will no longer consider Spain an enemy. Now they say, they want George Bush Junior to win and will wait until after the November elections to bomb the US.

That's known as a mind game. A fingerful of fuck you.

Don't fall for it. (Now unfortunately it is news, but it remains bullshit.)
Al-Qaida says it postponed U.S. attack

LONDON, March 18 (UPI) -- A statement said to come from al-Qaida says the group has postponed an attack against the United States until after the November elections.

The statement published Thursday in the London-based Arabic newspaper "Al-Kuds al-Arabi" also said it hopes President Bush wins re-election.

"No massive attacks will be launched against the U.S. until the next presidential elections which we hope will be won by (President George) Bush," said the statement signed by Abu Fahs al-Masri Brigades.

"Our (Islamic) nation needs the idiocy and religious fanaticism of an enemy like that (Bush) to wake up," said the statement, dated March 15.

Abu Fahs al Masri Brigades, which claimed responsibility for the March 11 train bombing attacks in Madrid that killed 201 and wounded more than 1,500, is believed to be in charge of al-Qaida attacks in Europe.

The statement said al-Qaida's next attack could take place in Italy, England or Australia which have troops in Iraq to assist the U.S. occupation forces.

It also said the group called a temporary truce in Spain after a Socialist government elected three days after the March 11 train bombings vowed to pull out Spanish troops from Iraq.