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March 31, 2004

Politics = Money

Treasury Officials used to calculate Kerry's numbers my BushCheney2004.

(Related: CIA personnel being employed (not like they have anything else to do, right) to go through Clarke's classified information to find that which contradicts his statements. Not for the 9-11 Commission, but for BushCheney2004. Link.

George Soros, billionare Democratic sugar daddy, had glue poured over him in Europe - And, conservatives? I think I'd find out why before you cheer. Here's a hint:
(Bloomberg) -- Billionaire financier George Soros had glue and water thrown on him by two unidentified people ahead of a human rights forum in Kiev, the Interfax news service reported.

Soros, 73, survived the Nazi occupation of Budapest and left communist occupied Hungary in 1947 for England, where he studied at the London School of Economics. He arrived in the U.S. in 1956.

Soros is chairman of New York-based Soros Fund Management LLC and was ranked by Forbes magazine this year as the world's 54th richest person, with a net worth of $7 billion. He has donated millions of dollars over the years to countries from the former Soviet Union to promote democracy and free speech.
[and to Democrats].

BushCheney2004 crying that Democrats are using "bad" campaign funding. Read this - and even Republicans can appreciate the hypocrisy.
GOP accuses Kerry campaign, independent groups of illegal coordination
Eds: AMs.
Associated Press Writer
WASHINGTON (AP) — Republicans moved to stop pro-Democratic groups from spending millions to defeat President Bush, filing a federal complaint Wednesday that accuses John Kerry’s campaign of illegally coordinating its political ads and get-out-the-vote activities with anti-Bush groups.
The GOP complaint reflected the concern among the Bush-Cheney team about the influence of the outside groups, which, combined with Kerry’s campaign, nearly have matched the Republicans’ ad buying. The complaint to the Federal Election Commission also was the first step in a case that could end up in the courts.
“They’re making a mockery of what the rules are,” Bush campaign chairman Marc Racicot said in unveiling the complaint. The GOP cited fund-raising solicitations, overlapping strategists and the timing of ads as proof that Kerry and the outside Democratic groups were coordinating their efforts.

Kerry’s campaign dismissed the complaint as political gamesmanship.

“John Kerry and his campaign have nothing to do with these ads or the groups that run them,” Michael Meehan, a senior adviser to Kerry, said in a statement.

The complaint accuses Kerry, pro-Kerry groups and donors of violating the campaign law that broadly prohibits using corporate, union and unlimited donations known as “soft money” to influence federal elections.

In a highly unusual move, the Bush campaign and Republican Party asked the FEC to immediately dismiss the complaint and clear the way for them to take the case to court through a lawsuit.

Usually complainants pursue FEC action before going to court, even though it could take months or even years for the commission to resolve complaints. But the Bush campaign said it was seeking a speedy ruling to cut off the flow of millions in soft money to the Democratic groups.

“No penalty, civil or criminal, after the fact could possibly remedy the irreparable harm caused by allowing this illegal activity to continue unabated,” the GOP complaint says.

The complaint alleges $1 million-plus donors to the groups such as billionaire George Soros broke the law by knowingly giving soft money to finance presidential election activities. The groups and Soros contend they are operating legally.
Boo. Fucking. Hoo. Assholes. You have $200 million plus. They're running scared and then look like it. If they thought they were going to win tey wouldn't bopther. How about running on your record? Oh yeah, nevermind.