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March 12, 2004

Spain: What's the Big Deal?

Look, I just left a comment at Discountblogger which is highly likely to be misunderstood. Fine. I can live with that.

What is it with this outpouring of emotion for Spain? No, really.

Is it just that's it's politically convenient at this moment to play up the attack? To make it seem like this is Spain's 9-11? Does every country need such an attack to be converted to the dangers that exist? No apparently, since Spain already agreed with us.

Is it therefore just because they were one of our allies in Iraq that we must feel their pain? Because I don't anymore than anywhere else.

I don't profess to know why this reaction exists. Is there some hidden part of all of us that I don't have which makes us hurt for Spain?

We are all Spaniards today. Well, no. And look where that French editorial on 9-12 got them - Americans hate the French even more.

It's terrible what happened, but why is it so much more painful to our American sensibilities than tragedies going on in the rest of the world?

At least as many people died in Bali. We didn't have such an outpouring of emotion for them.

We thought it was sick, which it was. So is this.

But where's all these people saying protesters are idiots like they were when it was anti-war. Because, what the hell can they be protesting at this point? (Although in all the stories I just read (5) maybe
they should have replaced "protest" with "vigil" and it would make sense).

And give me a moment to say to all these people saying we should "do something" If Spain asks, sure. They are a rich country, however. Pretty sure they can handle it themselves. If there's a Toys for Ninos program that pops up, I think I'll throw up.

And if this "something" we/they need to do includes increased security at train depots and stations and trying to do the same thing on the train system there (and across Europe) that we do to airports here - well, ladies and gentleman that is highly impractical. It will grind the train system to a halt.

My solution? Well, it would round out this rant very nicely if I had one.

But I don't.

We need to pursue terrorists as best we can - but there's going to be a certain point when all the crap and inconvenience and freedoms we are giving up - well, people are just going to say "ENOUGH."

The reaction to this is overbown. So my reaction is overblown.