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March 29, 2004

Stone Wall Hanging: 'The Breakdown'

All these half-assed, half-thought out stonewall strategies from the White House and Republican leadership don't just look and feel bad — they are bad.

Politically and for this country, they blow. On one hand you have Condoleezza Rice saying she can't testify publicly because she's restricted by the constitutional legalities of her position and her service to the president. Nevemind that former National Security Advisors have testifed in similar ways, while still in office.

On the other hand, a slew of moves to declassify people and information - Plame, Bill "I'm off my own medication" Frist call to declassify some of Clarke's classified testimony in 2002 shows that this Administration can and will break similar constitutional legalities (or at least longheld traditions).

It doesn't fly.

Cribbing a slight inspiration from Talking Points Memo, in today's media atmosphere, the Watergate investigation and public awareness of same would happen much more quickly today.

We're approaching that breaking point now. I'm not quick with these accusations, but a lot of what this White House does reminds me of the Nixon White House - and there are enough scandals out there that warrant a great deal of investigative journalism.

Are we - the media - up to it? We need the public's support - and I feel it's starting to build quite strongly. Not support to bring down a Republican president; support to wash away a certain level of corruption from our leaders.

The Rove administration has made calculations - and they have been extremely poor ones because they have all been politically-motivated. They have been willing to be nastier and go further than wholesome. The American people are noticing - because it is news, not because of any agenda. I don't know whether all that will translate into a much needed purge and purification of the White House this November.

the list of misinformation and/ or direct lies that Rice is likely afraid to be questioned about. The only reason she would not testify in public is because she would look bad. Yu can bet she is refusign toi answer all kinds of information in her previous "Executive session" meetings with the commission.

So much refusing to answer in public will look awful (alhough maybe she can host a radio show with Ollie North, a true traitor Republicans were and are willing to forgive, which says something about the capacity of Republicans to take a lie up the ass and like it).

That's why she doesn't want to testify in public.