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March 31, 2004

Taste Testing Air America

At least it's not Coke vs. Pepsi. More like Pepsi vs. JD.


[Update: Until I turned it off this was working fine. Now it does not. Try this one.]

This Radio Player streaming link worked for me - I just tried it. Judging by comments at Washington Monthly what I missed was mixed to poor.

I just tuned in to the O' Franken Factor and I got Michael Moore (yuck). And an AMFAR ad w/ Sharon Stone.

(And a good warning to heed at some stations - the "line" will go dead during commercials.)

12:26. Listen to us. Air America Radio.com. Self-deprecating humor will be big with Al Franken. "Do you get letters from our troops?"

I do. I love our troops. Moore is reading out e-mails from troops. Captain in the Army. Dear Mike, having led a platoon of soldiers I know how young they are. Want skills and training for a better place for their families. ... Army good to me .. that is why I feel sick when I see our leaders in TV parading around in a flight suit. ... I don't want to be a prop for someone who is giving tasks beyond our means while saying we have enough (last sentence paraphrased).

Franken - pointed out he's been on four USA tours to Iraq - and three to Kosovo.

12:30 Moore. Important you exist and this exists. "The right" phrase used.

Oh, we have a call?
You've had a call.
Eric from NJ. Congrats on first show. (Eric not a liberal). You think about 10,000 have been killed in Iraq? Verbiage ...

"I need you to scoot to your point."

"Didnt you say that 500,000 have been killed in [by Saddam].

Moore: UN estimated that bombing and sanctions killed 500,000. Correct.

Went on to say that some of the basic infrastructure was bombed and that contributed to the number. Cut off the caller before he could follow-up, though his original question was answered.

Another letter from soldier, a sargeant. Guy has video camera. Says what soldiers are telling him is different from that aired on TV. People on camera who say morale is high are screened, letter says.

12:35 - 866-303-2270 - the call-in number.
12:40 - Any regrets about calling Bush a deserter? No. It brought people more than responsible than I out to talk about it (paraphrase).

Franken - pointed out that National Guard then was different than it is being used today. (We need radio voices people. Too quiet).

12:44 .. Al Gore called in. It's his birthday.

Gore: Hey Michael, how are you?
Michael: Hello Al, or should I say Mr. President.

Do you have anything to say to Al?

Michael: "We're really sorry Al. Sorry, because you won. [referring to support for Nader] Explained that Nader had told them he would not campaign in swing states.

Gore: To Michael - I appreciate where you heart is. ... I'm going to stay out of the whole Nader thing.

I don't do interviews anymore but I'm making an exception, because your show is really important. [Gore an upcoming guest]

Gore: How is the drug-free thing working out?
Michael: I can vouch that there's nothing here. No oxytin.

Gore: Think the country is going in the wrong direction. Health, environment, you name it. I think it is very important to elect John Kerry. I think getting diverted to voting to anyone else is really a vote for Bush (slight paraphrase).

12:49 Ann Coulter spoof. she's locked in a room. Apparently a running theme. Trying to escape. "I've got a nail file, I'll use it." I'll rip the leaves of your [plant] Does she know its plastic.? [Better being heard. Lots of grunts.]

12:56. Talking to Walter - a Battle of the Bulge veteran.

Aren't you embarrased about being a liberal and a veteran? Ann says liberals are embarassed by the military.

Family friends I think. Also talking to his wife Carol Griffin. You and Dave were math genuises. Cute and curly-haired. AF: Was I a nerd? CG: Oh yes, most definitely.

[Impression - this is all sounding like a conversation around a table].

Explain why you ran that.
I think it's clear.

First bumper born: Liberals are the ones who love America, sigh ... honestly.

Has his daughter on phone.

Hi dad, how's your show going. Pretty well I think.

PS 86 will be a part of our show but today is my day. So how is my daughter?

Sensitive, caring, smart, committed.
Describe the school.
90 percent receive free lunch. 80 percent do not have English as a first language.

NAME I'm very proud of you.

Aw, thank you daddy.
Love you.

This has been a wonderful, wonderful premier. Thank you [SIDEKICK]. Looking forward to tomorrow when we have Sen. Clinton. Robert Reich. Paul Krugman coming up.

Richard Clarke on Friday.

Cool. Randi Rhodes next [LIVE]. I'm going to hit lunch. Randi Rhodes on next. [LIVE] (not the Ozzy guitarist).

Tune in. I'll fix typos later.

Oh, the news at the top - most-clearly biased. But this is "Liberal Radio." No different from the news around right-wing radio. I don't think true conservatives want me to call it conservative radio.

Liking Randi Rhodes NY voice - she's complaining she was the forgotten host in the PR for the network - like David Letterman against CBS. NBC.

Really like her voice. I can tell I'll enjoy her - she's way more polished.