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March 30, 2004

Tried to Taste Test Smith and Cooper

Related to
this post I tried to watch Anderson Cooper (CNN) and Shephard Smith (FOX) at 7 p.m. (and at 8 p.m. and at 9 p.m.) but neither were on.

I'm pretty sure they were on at some point and I missed them because there was no major breaking news yesterday to usurp the RSP (regularly scheduled programming).

As a slight aside I watched five minutes of Hannity and Colmes. Not good TV for me at least. Hannity is trying to get every guest to say what he wants to hear (Henry Kissinger was on last night talking about the 9-11 commission - of which, you remember, he decided not to chair because money came first (For a presumably already rich guy that's sadder than sad.). I congratulate Colmes for getting him on the air to remind us of Watergate and Nixon (that was the point wasn't it? Because I can't think he knows jack shit about what's going on today).

Colmes was OK until they went to commercial and these words came out of his mouth: Fox News Fair and Balanced. The Only News Source You Can Trust. Obviously a tagline. Obviously a lie - beyond adspeak.

Anyone who can say that, I don't trust. Period.

I also heard Brit Hume quote the "sister publication London Times" as if the levels of credibility were even remotely identical - they keep Murdoch's filthy paws as far away from editorial as possible over there.

They have about 48 minutes of actual news a day on this channel, right? Sit down, straight reporting news. I never see it when I'm flicking through looking for something to watch. Never.

It's O Reilly - I tried him for a few minutes too. He picked some letter asking him why he never tackled Exxon the way he tackled, .... can't remember, but Clarke or something. Forget that the e-mail was probably written weeks ago, but O' Reilly tightens up the smug face and says (to paraphrase) "perhaps you should watch the show more often, we covered Exxon last week."

Why do I have a sneaking suspicion they only covered Exxon so they could come back and smug it up for the camera?

Other topics - bear in mind this is only one show and all within about 6,7,8 minutes - Ludicrous may be dropped from Pepsi gig - from the blogs I understand this is a long time obsession with Bill.

I listen just long enough to Fox, to realize many right-leaning bloggers get their inspiration from the channel. Or is the other way around?

AIR AMERICA -- And he took time out to say Air America was going to start Wednesday. He called it stupid. He said it was going to fail (probably right) and that it was nothing like his debut on radio with 220 stations (and he now claims 420 though I thought I read and heard - from others - that his show pretty much sucked and he was being dropped). He also said NPR was already .. zzzzzzzzzz

Anyway. The O' Franken Factor, airs noon EST. And you can listen in
on WLIB (AM 1190) in New York, WNTD (AM 950) in Chicago and KBLA (AM 1580) in Los Angeles and a station in San Francisco to be named before launch.

Why do I say it might fail? Because they haven't got a Web site - that I could find anyway. After a little more searching I found Not Geniuses found the link. Central Air Media

You think Fox is going to mention it a few times? Think they're going to rip into it frequently and often - from the Fox Friends down to Hannity and Colmes. As inexplicable as it sounds to give free publicity to Air America, they will. Early and often. The early has started.

I would actually look forward to comedienne Janeane Garofalo more. She's funny.

Even before she "got all publically liberal" and offended people who needed offending, she was one of my favorite comedians. Chuck D. Robert Kennedy Jr. Chuck D. Randi Rhodes - never been in her market but she's a long time radio host. The complete line up here.