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April 19, 2004

I "Purple Heart" Kerry

I thought it was way beneath the Republican Party's usual stupidity and ugly campaign machinations when they started bringing up the validity of John Kerry's three Purple Hearts.

He was there and could have been killed at any time. That he was not mortally wounded or did not lose a limb or became partially paralized seems to be offensive to some people (the same people who today glorify every soldier who comes home as a hero. In fact every soldier - other than the few who commit crimes - deserve our thanks for fighting - especially those who do so despite their misgivings whether what we are doing is right.).

And these people critical of Kerry's three Purple Hearts take it as a valid point to question Kerry's .... well, I actually don't know what they really think they're going to accomplish questioning the fact that Kerry, what, wasn't injured enough?

They seem to forget that being there - in the line of fire frequently and often - is dangerous and should be commended.

Unlike a certain other Texas/ Alabama National guardsmam who was only doing lines. (unproven rumor, put there for humorous effect).

There were 540,000 troops in Vietnam at the height of the war (or the low of the war). If you loved war you stayed longer. If you didn't, you left - especially if you'd already been injured three times. See it's why the military lets their soldiers do that.

The REAL revelation for most Americans is that it is relatively easy to earn a Purple Heart - that you don't need to lose a leg to win one.

Lt. Kerry was awarded these medals - and others. He did not give them to himself, though apparently he had to nominate himself for the Purple Hearts. but only after commanding officer's recommendation. See that last point that's often ignored. OK, just checking because no one else feeding the line that Kerry was a small-penised, lily-livered, cowardly cunt wuss seems to include all the relevant details.

Kerry was there. A certain Jim Rassmann - former Green Beret, retired California cop and Republican - seems to think John Kerry saved his life.

Politically speaking I'm sure it's occurred to the smarter Republicans that maligning Purple Heart winners ain't gonna win many hearts and minds.

Is this all you got Republicans? Is this really what you're going to run on? Because, frankly, that smacks of lily-livered cowardice on the face of it.

A comparison of military service WILL come up if a debate is held. (And if I was GWB's handlers I'd limit it to one, in a Town Hall format, with questions from the crowd taking up most of the time, rather than a one-on-debate, because Bush would be the bastard red-headed stepchild in this scenario.)

If the Republicans push this line of "thought" against Kerry, there's going to be a very Bush-damaging Democratic ad coming out as a result.
This line of Republican so-called "attack" is gonna go down like the Hindenberg.

Shit i'm glad I'm a member of the party with a heart.