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April 01, 2004

Now For Something Completely Different ...

Tired of my Air America all the time blogging (recently)?

I've been tiring of all the bitching around the blogs lately. Here's my attempt to actually learn something from all the eyes and minds out there in Blogistan. And to offer a place where other's can learn, if anybody still wants to do so.

Go here instead to
ThinkPeopleThink.com. It may not look like it but I've been planning April 1 as a launch date for awhile.

Eventually I will move this blog over there as an adjunct.

This is my first post over there. Go over there and use brain cells. Not partisan like BYTE BACK.
Is Albert Einstein To Blame For Bill O' Reilly?

That question can be taken scientifically, emotionally or politically.

I've been reading about Einstein's theories as clearly explained by Stephen Hawking and it's caused me to finally own up to myself to admit - I'm not a mathematical genius.

My strength lies in that concept known as EQ - Emotional Intelligence. Blessed or cursed I can always see someone's point of view, even step into his or her shoes. I often do know what people are thinking - which isn't to say I understand it - and it has always been my fight to continue with my own thoughts and objectives, while at the same time listening to others.

I have fought most against it changing my language. For instance, I know there are too many "I"s in the above paragraphs. That fight (within myself) often translates into thinking that if someone doesn't understand something I've said, they will ask. Sadly, this is most often not the case.

I am but one person in this universe. Yet, oddly, starting this blog off with a post about Einstein is somehow appropriate.

This site will allow me the freedom to keep posts linked, with stability, that I want to stay uppermost in people's minds.

It will be forum for continued discussion on life's enduring questions posted here and kept permanent and easily accessible for repeated comment.

I will encourage comments and they will be moderated. You want to come back and add a point after you've already made one? That's the idea. None of us - left, right, up, down - has all the answers. Views change over time.

I ask this one favor - post under the same name every time. You can be anonymous - just use the same ID name all the time.

if you have a question of your own you would like posted, I will consider it. E-mail me.

I'm trying to start a considerate and considered discussion here. Ambitous? For a blog - you bet.

I just ask one thing - think.