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April 29, 2004

Posted Overseas

A lot else happening right now. Can't put my head together enough to post anything that isn't somewhere else right now.

Posting about the Cheney-Bush parlor game testimony -- s-s-s-s-orry, "conversation" to the 911 Commission seems pretty pointless since few have any idea what's going on.
This guy has his idea of the testimony s-s-s-s-orry "conversation."

The one thing that has got my attention today is Sinclair Broadcast Group's decision - for its 8 ABC affliates - to pull the plug on the Nightline show where Ted Koppel will read the names of all those soldiers who have died in Iraq.

The company and its owners are BIG Bush supporters. Separate from that , however, is the idea that they should pull it.

How can you get more FACTS-based news than reading the names of those who died? Who else can be offended by this except those who really don't like to think that people died over there in Iraq?

It's Sweeps Week comes the whine, thereby admitting that, yes millions of Americans would indeed be interested and moved by the broadcast. And would tune in.

The majority of Iraqis don't like the way the war is going. The majority of Americans don't like the way the war is going, though do say getting rid of Saddam Huseein was worth it.

So are the live's of america's fallen sodliers worthless? Seems to be to some.

I bet David Letterman tells his readers to go watch Nightline. The producer of Nightline, by the way, was interviewed here about the broadcast. i.e. Context. (including the list of names Koppel's going to read out out.
What do you hope viewers will feel, know, learn by watching this program? 
Sievers: I hope that viewers will remember that behind the numbers of casualties, that each of the men and women who have been killed was an individual, with a name, a face, a family, and a life. It is too easy to not go beyond the numbers. Ted and I were embedded with the 3rd I.D. and we got to know many of the soldiers as individuals. It is too easy to see the helmet, the flak vest, and the uniform, and forget that these are all individuals.

Q: Now the question from the skeptical mind. Thursday is the beginning of the May Nielsen ratings book. The program airs on Friday. How do you answer people who wonder if this is a sweeps ploy?
Sievers: You may not believe this, but until you said this, I had no idea when sweeps start. At "Nightline," as a daily news broadcast, we usually do not do any special projects for sweeps. Quite honestly, I don't expect this broadcast to be a huge ratings hit, I think it will be difficult for people to watch. That's not why we're doing it. The timing issue was that we didn't want to do it on Memorial Day, when most outlets do stories about the military. We didn't want to wait, and this Friday was the first opportunity to do it.

He claims that he didn't even know it was sweeps week. And seriously, would he bother to say this if it wasn't true? Or would he have thought up a better answer. It's management, owners and advertising departments which pay attention to that stuff.

Well there's also the West Nile Virus ...