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April 12, 2004

Something to Say

Just have to get the pictures of Ms. Simpson further down on the list here so I can look at my blog at work wihout blushing. Um, I'll have to think of something to say.

Um. I brought two sandwiches into work today.
Um, The Mariners finally won (sheesh).
Um, The Lakers lost and were beat up by the Kings (Yesssss.)

What else?

Phil Mickelson, finally won a major. Not something I particularly care about, except that he is a lefty. Go southpaws.

Lastly, I have concluded after much thoughtful deliberation that George Bush is indeed stupid. I don't come to that decision lightly, but I have seen him interviewed quite a bit this weekend and he's either stoned or stupid.

He may issue directives "Go bomb a country" but it all seem's like he thinks he's still playing with plastic army soldiers.

There's not only an appearance of sacrifice and gravity at stake - there is sacrifice and gravity, during one of the worst death-toll weeks of the war. His chosen "appearance" is to take a nature walk on his 1,100-acre Crawford, Texas Ranch. You know, the down-home he bought just before he decided to run for president.

And I don't care what people say about his MBA or his background. He has left a trail of failures prior to his presidency. A trail of failure that would have been much shorter if his name had not jimmied him in a few of these situations.

He doesn't impress me personally - and he never has. I praised him after 911 for the quick jab at Afghanistan and for not going nutso and releasing megaton bombs around the hot-spots of the world.

I have never trusted him since then to do what's right. Just about the majority of people prior to 9-11 and now a majority again post-911 agree with me.

He leads the platitude presidency. He's got goals, and he doesn't let reality get in the way. He covers up this huge gap in reality with "says nothing" phrases:

"Go shopping." "With us or against us." The evil-doers of the world will get us unless we are vig. vig. . vig .. unless we are tough."

"Pass my tax cut."

He is unhelpful and has cost this country dearly. Everything that has been accomplished in his platitude presidency is now revealing itself to be a half-accomplishment

Afghanistan? Still a major headache and the Taliban is getting a foothold again. Iraq - I don't care what anyobdy else says - this mess could have been less of a mess.

Nothing is getting done.

And that's being charitable to an executive branch who'se first instinct is secrecy.